Thanksgiving Blues

November 22, 2019

Thanksgiving Blues

Black stockings made of fish net
Little Darling don’t you fret
Taking another trip down the road of regret
Buying children school clothes at the shopping outlet,

Lord, I didn’t anticipate being alone
No calls coming in on the telephone
All those expressions cold as stone
If I could borrow love I’d take out a loan,

Sky is gray the street wet with rain
Were all my life’s efforts in vain?
All this could drive a good man insane
Right now I’d even settle for plain Jane,

The window glass misty with my breath
Is this really a type of living death?
There’s another name for Satan and that’s Seth
Where is she when you need her Lady Macbeth?

Misery, it seems is my only friend
There’s more uncertainty just around the next bend
Sometimes a man’s heart can never mend
Perhaps I’m just getting closer to the end,

Standing on the sidewalk watching life pass me by
They call it self-pity they’re all so steel eyed
If they’d been through the same thing as I
They’d simply moan, give up, and cry,

God look down upon this pathetic man
You knew what was to happen then what was the plan?
If I would have known I would have ran
No guests for Thanks Giving no holiday ham.

Another Near Miss

September 23, 2019

Another Near Miss

You just had to have an affair so you could be free
You forced me down on bended knee
Oh Lord how could this be?
My last trip to sanctuary,

I’m not complaining anymore
The past leaves a scar that is still so sore
When you did that I knew we were never more
It’s just that I feel so hollow at the core,

Life brings us all this change
It’s our job to adapt and rearrange
But when existence becomes too strange
When life becomes a prisoner exchange,

You find just how expendable we all are
All of us behind invisible bars
As Fathers as wives as children no stars
On a hot summer’s day like a dog in a car,

We all have unique observations on life
It will carve you up just like a knife
And just when you think you’ve overcome the strife
Do you really want to risk having another wife?

Home wreckers rationalize with blame
They have no problem forgetting your name
Walking out on you it’s all the same
We can never go back from where we came,

I never really knew you I know now
Listened to your drivel like a sacred cow
Dealt with your acid tongue like a leopard’s growl
Now I live life stuck like a rusted plow,

On the world’s stage I’ve taken my bow
Yet, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel
At those rare social occasions, I merely prowl
But deep inside I want to let out a werewolves howl,

With some solace within the Lord’s prayer
Sometimes I’ll admit to the thousand-yard stare
A desperate animal caught and trapped in a snare
Should I chew off my leg and leave it there?

Oh tell me Dear did you ever really care?
Could there be intelligent life anywhere?
Instead of just kicking this old gray mare
Another near miss what a scare.

Could Andrew Breitbart’s Death Been An Assassination?

March 12, 2012

Could Andrew Breitbart’s Death Been An Assassination?

In the wake of the unlikely death of successful and talented publisher and commentator, Andrew BreitImagebart we are not only saddened but intrigued by his untimely passing. A 43 year old California publishing millionaire collapses in front of his home, dying shortly after. Yes, this is an unfortunate reality of our fast paced world of stress and pressured living, Breitbart was an acknowledged political opponent of Barack Obama. Some have speculated at his anger being responsible for causing a heart problem that could have led to a sudden and fatal episode.

However, there is more to this tragic puzzle than meets the eye. In his political battle against the President’s radical push to transform American society into Obama’s socialistic vision. Andrew Breitbart posed maybe too great a threat to the career of Barack Hussein Obama. It was announced here recently that not only did Breitbart acquire home movies containing damaging information about President Obama’s radical affiliations with known subversives, but that he would use this material to force Obama to have to requalify himself as being eligible to hold the office of the presidency all over again. There would be no automatic vetting of the President by state election boards once the controversy had been fully revealed on film.

Breitbart’s expose’ would also shed light on the fact that news organizations and educators who sympathize with the leftist cause in America had hidden this film footage or severely edited the content so as not to reveal its true convicting essence. Breitbart, said that he would vet President Obama in 2012 under the revelation of the videos he had acquired, Andrew promised a new and powerful weapon against the chances of a successful re-election campaign. It was clear that Andrew Breitbart was more than hinting at the Kryptonite he had in store for an incumbent president seeking another term.

Among a long list of known radicals such as William Ayers, a convicted domestic terrorist, Bernadine Dohrn, his wife and coconspirator, Louis Farrakhan, a known radical leftist hate monger, were others who participated in Obama’s developing career. As allegations grew and political pressures threatened to obstruct his ambitions, Obama used his most well known tactic of disassociating himself from those in his past. Although this stretched his credibility and shed obvious doubt upon himself, Obama continued to deny his past involvement with many of these radical and even criminal elements such as Tony Rezko.

Through these videos of young Barack Obama’s college days, Andrew Breitbart planned to reveal all the rabid and fanatical subversives that the President spent time with and rallied around in his formative years. Yet, for reasons of political expediency, Obama had abruptly severed ties with these personalities once criticism arose to conceal the truth.

With Breitbart’s exposure of the President’s radical ties the American people could finally have proof of Obama’s influences who publicly expressed their hatred for America, their contempt for our capitalistic society, as well as their hostility toward white people. Of course, this was not only something President Obama would not want potential voters to see, but a side of his ideological development that defined who he really was, and how that dictated just why his policies tended to diminish traditional American interests. It answered all to well just why it was that President Obama has conducted a campaign of weakening this nation with his counterproductive directives.

For example, one film clip shows Professor Derrick Bell embracing young Barack Obama in 1991 during a political event. Bell, a radical Harvard Professor, advocated harassing white people. Professor Bell charged that the US justice system was inherently prejudiced toward black Americans. Derrick Bell made well known his anti-Semitism toward Jews. A radical mentor of Obama’s, Richard Ogletree, admitted to hiding this piece of film footage during the 2008 election campaign for obvious reasons. It is this kind of political manipulation that begins to uncover a conspiracy to black out the troubled past of Barack Hussein Obama. Revealing these facts could upset the carefully molded image created for the public by Barack Obama’s handlers, and change the course of events to come!

The only limit to the shock factor of an assassination is the clandestined act of killing a key political figure itself. Either the true assassin and the reason for that deed can be made public or not. The reason, who was behind it, the method used to kill, and even the political rationale for such a bold and brutal act can remain a well kept mystery if the factions responsible so deem it to be necessary.

Over the decades a multitude of individuals all over the world especially in America have been systematically exterminated with surgical precision and often very unclear motives. Political figures, enforcement agents, celebrities, UFO investigators, intelligence agents, armed forces personnel, and even journalists have suffered untimely deaths of questionable detail and circumstance. Assassinations are an art as well as a science. Over the last few decades with the help of science, they have become harder and harder to identify due to the disguised method, or the Machiavellian situation that was arranged in order to insure a swift and efficient kill with few if any clues left as to the perpetrators of the evil act.

By the 1960’s the CIA and KGB had perfected many subtle and ingenious ways of causing a swift and hard to determine form of death. By 1962 the CIA was able to introduce cancer as a covert manner of killing a target without drawing suspicion to who and why. CIA laboratories devised methods of toxin delivery that made detection of the cause of death almost impossible.

In 1975 during the Church Committee, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona interrogated a CIA director who exhibited a hand gun capable of delivering a high speed frozen dart composed of a frozen toxin. The dart would enter the target’s body like any other bullet or projectile and melt as it delivered the fatal dose of poison into the circulatory system leaving only a small reddened area where it had pierced the skin. It would be almost undetectable, especially if a coroner had not been briefed to look for this subtle indicator.

Another innovative form of inducing a covert form of heart attack in a social setting was a cigar that was invented by the Soviet KGB that when lit and casually brought within close proximity of the target would induce a sudden cardiac arrest from the vapor emitted. The agent would merely approach the victim, light the cigar in a relaxed manner, and lean with one hand against the shoulder of the target, cigar in that hand, in a seemingly friendly gesture. The smoke from the cigar, laced with a fast acting airborne chemical would induce the desired rapid death from apparent natural causes.

Was Andrew Breitbart the target of an assassin’s frozen killer dart, delivered by the expert aim of an operative brandishing a pistol designed to propel that deadly projectile? Was Breitbart struck by a fast acting neurotoxin that paralyzed his heart muscle and simulated what appeared to be a classic massive cardiac arrest? Was the unfortunate and untimely death by natural causes being conveniently determined by an unsuspecting coroner, and becoming the inordinate epitaph of an angry opponent of President Obama? Is this the way the compliant leftist main stream media would obediently report the story in response to a deadly event that occurred under suspect timing in conjunction with the release of damaging evidence that was to be presented against President Obama? Does this seem to be a bit too accusatory, or is it simply too coincidental to ignore?

Let me remind you that ever since the horrific assassination of President John F. Kennedy
In 1963, the business of well coordinated and often high tech assassinations has become more and more prevalent as an expedient method of eviscerating threats. Almost every assassination of a leading political figure from Robert Kennedy to Martin Luther King has been fraught with conspiracy allegations. However, that leaves a long list of people who have suffered very untimely deaths that seemed to be from natural causes, yet are unexplainably attributed to those seemingly too young to have been candidates for deaths by natural causes. Many of these people were in a controversial situation and they posed a threat to an opposing faction either intentionally or simply by the weight of the evidence their investigations had uncovered.

A reminder of the CIA’s use of cancer to cause the demise of targeted subjects would be Jack Ruby, the man who gunned down the alleged assassin of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing Oswald with a hand gun in front of national TV counters in the parking garage of the Dallas Court House, Ruby pleaded with authorities to be taken to Washington DC where he would expose the whole plot to kill President Kennedy. Jack Ruby’s pleas fell on deaf ears and he would later die in a Dallas jail cell from a form of cancer. Was that just a coincidence? Was that the product of a CIA medical laboratory? Perhaps its just another meaningless conspiracy theory. Funny how more and more of these inexplicable events take place these days whenever it seems the exposure of damaging evidence is eminent.

Who Is The True Master That President Obama Serves

January 19, 2012

President Obama answers to another power besides the people of America

With the announcement today of President Obama’s rejection of TransCanada’s proposal for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, we are seeing nothing more than environmental terrorism. America in need of jobs and economic stimulus instead must suffer another setback due to the supposed concerns over ecological impact of an oil pipeline that has been proposed for years as a result of the great tar sands discovery in Alberta, Canada and even parts of US northern territory. Regardless of the potential benefits to American workers, employers, tax jurisdictions, and suppliers, President Obama has made another partisan move with a political angle that eclipses logic and economic sense.

The use of environmental concerns to stifle political opposition that comes up with better solutions and makes the Obama administration look bad is a blemish that the Obama administration is unwilling to accept. So, better to kill a wonderful opportunity for  strategically located energy at cheaper prices that is brought in by American workers and their Canadian counterparts, than suffer humiliation that would be short-lived amongst the praises of supporting such a beneficial shot in the arm for the American economy. President Obama would rather kill the deal under the false pretense of State department procedure and review.

This short sighted stubbornness and rigid ideological indifference can only indicate that our President serves another master, and that master is not the American people. In essence, Obama is holding the US hostage to his ultimate goal of undermining American energy independence through ambiguous legislation and the heavy handed regulation of the EPA which has already shut down many offshore drilling operations in the Gulf. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a wonderful opportunity to attain multiple goals at the same time. Few times in history is our great nation treated to such promising prospects that address so many needs at once, economic, job creation, tax revenues, secured energy resources, and positive trade relations with our neighbor, Canada. Yet, our President sees fit to obstruct this chance to reinvigorate the US economy.

Let’s talk about which masters President Obama is really serving here in the midst of this controversial decision. There’s China. They need oil to meet their growing consumption. China’s growing disenchantment with the US economy and its impact on the billions in Federal Treasury notes held by the Asian super power puts a great deal of leverage in their hands. If China were to dump the hundreds of billions in US Treasury notes onto the world market, the US dollar would experience a crisis. Is Obama going to allow the tar sands oil resource from Alberta be negotiated instead to the Chinese as Obama stages his mock environmental concerns? Will Obama wait to score political points with his supporters by waiting until a future crucial point to pull the Keystone XL Pipeline out of his hat and approve it then?

Or does President Obama have yet another unseen master who is pulling the puppet strings from the shadows and dictating a more sinister motive in withholding energy independence and job prospects from the American economy? That master is the New World Order, those rich families who control the Federal Reserve System; pull the strings at the United Nations, and influence the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) whom most political figures, corporate leaders, and mainstream US media journalists are members. It is to the best interests of the New World Order to keep America in decline as this nation serves as a political contradiction to the failures of socialist regimes all over the globe. Socialism is the tool that the New World Order wants to use in order to keep all nations citizens on an equal but impoverished playing field.

The shadow government is using class warfare within the US now as it pits the affluent against those who no longer have jobs or careers thanks to government sanctioned legislation that has killed jobs and forced American corporations to relocate overseas. How convenient to use class warfare while the overburdening taxation it takes to pay the Federal Reserve for printing the worthless, fiat, US currency that deflates as the US economy declines from unemployment caused by Federal Reserve backed policy.

Do you really think this is some convoluted conspiracy theory? Think again. Why does the US government continue to draft policies that only restrict US potential, take away our freedoms, violated the US Constitution, and stifle the individual? Why is public education getting worse while being infected with radical political content, sex, and even homosexual lifestyle classes? Why are failing minorities allowed to cause over all standards and minimum requirements to drop rather than the system doing a better job of educating them?

Why is Communist influence being tolerated in our society and government? 80 members of Congress are registered in the American Communist Party. Why are our courts forcing state governments like Oklahoma to accept Sharia Law when it is unconstitutional for foreign treaties to trump US Constitutional law? Why was Proposition 8 in California overturned when more than 7 million state citizens voted against it? Why does the Obama administration refuse to protect our international borders with Mexico, allow drug cartels to freely enter our country, and offer free government services to illegal aliens while suing the states for enforcing federal law?

This is the subterfuge causing chaos and confusion within our nation. America is under a takeover, and the people can’t see the truth because they are bound by the right and left paradigm created by the shadow world government to distract us from what really is going on. How can President Obama possibly justify withholding cheap and secure energy from his nation, not to mention the jobs and tax revenues that go with it? The answer is, as the President holds America hostage, he is answering to his true allegiance and his true masters of the New World Order.

The 9-11 Disaster Revisited

September 11, 2020
Ash Covered Man Lies Down In Deli

Few tragedies have gripped the American people as the 9-11 event did. Such fatal historic incidents as Pear Harbor, the Kennedy Assassination, and the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995 are all drenched in conspiracy theory and regret. Today, the official news media plays it all off as a retelling of the tragic sequence of events with witnesses recalling where they were and what they were doing just prior to the collision of aircraft into the Twin Towers along with how their lives have been forever changed, but there still are no answers!

September 11th Firefighter Covered In Ash
Insulting our intelligence

Was it the woman who while walking to work near the towers looked up, saw the jet about to fly into the World Trade Center Tower and commented to a news camera that it did not look like a passenger jet at all? That clip would quickly be overlooked. Was it the Australian broadcast of the tragedy with full background footage of the smoking collapsed skyscrapers that was transmitted a full 20 minutes before American audiences had been alerted to the terrorist attack on the New York City landmark? Could it have been that Tower 7 collapsed without being struck by the imploded Twin Towers and had escaped a collision with anymore aircraft yet fell inward upon itself in the same manner as the other two World Trade Center structures?

September 11th Photo Of Falling Man
The silent screams of the dead

Why was the fact that thermite being inherent through out the wreckage debris of the devastated ground zero site was never addressed? Thermite is a cutting agent that can pierce right through solid iron or steel either for military purposes of neutralizing armor or for the controlled demolition of buildings. Who were the crews who had  been admitted into the Towers at night  for secretive work that had preceded the deadly events of 9-11? Were they installing demolition charges through out the towers under black operation assignment?

Photo Of 9-11 Rubble
Not adding up
How did 2 Arab pilots just graduated from a San Antonio flight school who had been checked out on single engine light planes able to fly 747 Jumbo Jets at terrific speed through a canyon of NYC skyscrapers with deft turns, low altitudes, and precise targeting in difficult conditions when seasoned military aviators testified that during the course of the inquest, they would not have been able to command these big jets on such a perilous course and heading? 

People Running From Collapsing Towers
More deception
The security camera footage that captured the explosion of the outer ring of the Pentagon Complex where the alleged third commandeered passenger jet struck showed only a white, sleek, projectile traveling too fast for the camera to capture with clarity and it did not look like the hulking form of a Boeing 747 passenger jet! What really happened?

George Bush And Donald Rumsfeld At Pentagon Crash Site
More convicting observations
In the low budget documentary film produced by a local TV station entitled “In Plane Sight” the host using nothing but raw footage from the major news networks points out stunning inconsistencies that beg to be answered but have not been addressed by the official version of the truth! The box shaped electronic packages located on the under belly of the aircraft fuselage appear to be QF target drone guidance units! The markings on the supposed airliners appear to be dark camouflage type paint we see on military aircraft. What were those telltale spots of intense lights that reflected off the glass where the rogue planes were about to crash into? Were those laser target guidance illuminations?

Damage From September 11th
Unexplained collateral damage
Another strange manifestation of the scene were the cars parked in the outer fringes of the Twin Towers lots where no debris or fires occurred from the imploding buildings were yet charred as if by some Directed Energy Weapon rather than the effects of the collapse itself. Witnesses said prior to the collapse of the WTC there were explosions heard from out in the ground level parking lots! Yet, we do not hear an explanation offered by authorities just like the direct testimony of first responders who hear the collapse of each floor and comment on camera that it sounds just like controlled demolition charges! The investigators didn’t seem to interested in dwelling on that aspect of the collapse either.

Resting Rescue Worker After 9-11
When we hear that the ignition of jet fuel was not hot enough to cause the steel internal frame of the Twin Towers to buckle and collapse as stated by a society of architects who have petitioned the government again and again for further investigation once more they are stonewalled! Will this simply be an orchestrated attack that served the agenda of many silent partners who stood to profit from a Machiavellian scheme that will never see the light of day? It does seem that way! It seems that for those whom stand to gain the sanctity of human life will always pale in comparison to their bloody prize! 

The Skin Wagon

August 22, 2020

I’m on the skin wagon

Rolling on those wheels of life

On the verge of losing another wife

Those memories cut like a knife,

I’m on the skin wagon

Losing more than I ever took

Should have played my last rook?

Women these days don’t like to cook,

I’m on the skin wagon

Sometimes I think I’ll go insane

Gotta get off of this train

Baby could you have caused me more pain?

I’m on the skin wagon

Drifting through the years all gone

Even fools eventually catch on

Take your clothes off or leave them on!

I’m on the skin wagon

Everything seems beyond my grasp

Just like your golden ear ring clasp

Excuse me my cough turned to a rasp,

I’m on the skin wagon

There’s that mystery to a woman’s past

Usually governs how long a relationship lasts

Forgive me if I seem aghast!

I’m on the skin wagon

A detective examining my cold case life

Navigating through this endless strife

Is it a joke to want another wife?

I’m on the skin wagon

Don’t know if I can take this again

Baby you were supposed to be my friend

No this aint no state of Zen,

I’m on the skin wagon

What kind of mess have I gotten in?

Women unable to admit their sins

It’s only life don’t take it on the chin.

You’ve been Lied to Your Entire Life!

August 15, 2020
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Your entire life has been subject to government sanctioned disinformation. Vaccinations are good for you, JFK was assassinated by a lone disturbed gunman, socialism is compatible with American society, women are superior to men, and one of the biggest lies, government has your best interests in mind. Since you were a little kid in elementary school you have been conditioned like one of Pavlov’s Dogs trained for a response, and that response was to obey and submit!

The Never Ending Story

More lies that you have been subjected to that have had serious implications on your life, the government needs income tax to balance the budget, that the government is in a huge deficit that’s draining the US dollar of its buying power, that socialized medicine will provide for more people and make health care more accessible to more Americans. How about the myth of the global citizen? They will tell you that we are all one people on the face of the earth and that nations need no boundaries so that would be illegal immigrants have the right to the same benefits as American citizens. These false narratives lead us to the ulterior motives that drive these false messages designed to pacify the masses after a shocking event like the 9-11 tragedy or the assassination of Robert Kennedy. First to suppress any reasoning other than the firmly implanted official version of the events repeated over and over again by the US media, and then to drown out other voices of reason if they do not Parrot the official version.

Murder by convenience

In the case of President John F. Kennedy’s murder the very first motive of the authorities was to quell any discussion of a conspiracy that involved more than one lone gunman. After the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 the very first narrative released by the spin doctors of the media and Clinton White House was that it had to have been a plot by the extreme right wing militias when the FBI had actually traced Timothy Mc Vie’s partner to terrorist organizations from the Middle East even having made trips there. In 1993 in the aftermath of the first Twin Towers attack in NYC, Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder got the clearly identified Muslim Arabs who had rented a van to carry the explosives and were linked with incontrovertible evidence to the bombing pardoned and released! This outcome is even more bizarre than any prevailing conspiracy theories!

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, grass, outdoor and nature

Accusing others of what they do

As a matter of fact, the first thing the media does to deflect the public from determining the true perpetrators of these mass shootings and orchestrated disasters is to proclaim that any other conclusion drawn by the authorities will be to label alternate explanations as “Those Crazy Conspiracy Theories”. During the Obama Administration where massive racial unrest was spawned at every opportunity, police departments were accused of abuses, the White House actually used federal agencies to harass Christian and conservative organizations supporting GOP opposition to Obama’s re-election, yet each time the question was raised the good old “Tin Foil Hat” label was used by our sold out media to discredit the truth seekers.

Building a false case

During the Waco Massacre where Branch Dividians led by David Koresh who established a compound that housed many families suddenly came under suspicion of polygamy and children born out of wedlock would soon become victims falsely labeled by the FBI and local press corps as public enemies! David Koresh, who had a good relationship with the local community and even participated in target shooting with local police and sheriffs came under an unjustified assault by ATF and FBI special forces.

No photo description available.

Creating and killing bad guys

Unprovoked, and with no legal authority AG Janet Reno was given control of an operation that can only be described as a government sanctioned slaughter based upon hear say evidence. But, to hear from local radio stations and public statements made by the FBI, one would think that the Branch Davidians were an evil sexual cult that used children as sex slaves. As one could expect, Chuck Schumer, was one of many panelists who cross examined the few survivors who got out of the rain of bullets, tanks that injected liquid nerve gas onto women and children then ignited the building and machine gunned the potential eye witnesses as they fled the premises-some on fire as they ran. Just as he does today, Chuck Schumer lorded over the timid survivors who had been burned and shot and dared them to question the authority of those who had savagely destroyed the Davidians compound after days of 24 hour psychological terrorism and sniper shooting of any who ventured from the buildings.

Blood on the streets

As ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, both anarchist domestic terrorist organizations funded by the Democrats and Democrat donors destroy liberal US cities who would defund their own police departments, our US media tells us the demonstrations are peaceful as flames rage in the background! Towns Like Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, and other Democrat governed cities with soaring murder rates, massive looting, private and public property destruction. When our President announces if local authorities will not quell the violence and death then National Guards and federal marshals will be dispatched to stop the insanity the US media attacks President Trump as being a dictator when both John F. Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower ordered federal troops to suppress civil rights unrest in the past! The lies and disinformation are so obvious that it is pathetic!


Are you the only one is a large grocery store not wearing a mask that has absolutely no medical benefit or suppression of spreading any contagion? Are the masked sheep brow beating you angry that you have not capitulated. Look at how the corporatocracy of American industry has been quick to profit by producing these masks. Yet, they will tell us hydroxychloroquine, a cheap and effective. time proven drug, cannot be prescribed to treat a virus that has less impact and fewer victims than influenza, tuberculosis, or SARS infections. Once again, you have been lied to that hospitals are overrun with patients, that respirators save lives, that we should remain indoors unless absolutely necessary to venture out into public. that a “Boogeyman” plague will kill you if you don’t stand 6 fee away from others, wear your ineffectual mask, and that suppressing jobs and US business is essential to stopping an outbreak that originated from China? The American people have not been getting the truth for a very long time!

The sheep

Here is the worst part of this toxic equation. That the majority of the American public has responded passively to having the right to gather peacefully in public taken away, that our right to go to a place of worship can get you arrested, that you cannot go out to eat and have a drink at a bar, kids can’t attend school, yet Democrat ruled cities will allow huge outdoor violent demonstrations and rioting, abortion clinics can remain open, Bolling alleys may be closed, but liquor store, grocery markets, and hardware chains can remain open. Why? Because the big pharma and national corporations have to make their money! Was all this really for your own good and safety? You’ve been lied to!

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How Can This Be?

August 3, 2020

Poetry portraying the attack on freedom

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

How Can This Be?

How can you love or even be free?
Knowing what you know how can it be?
From the hills unto the sea
The Dark Lord of the machinery,

There will be assassinations that’s for sure
Certainty will exist no more
As the bodies drift into the shore
Will there be right and wrong anymore?

No photo description available.

The Dark Lord of the machinery
Making sure to unleash planned tyranny
Yes he’s the enemy of peace and harmony
Could he be the Anti-Christ or the Illuminati?

Nothing on earth will ever make sense
All humans losing their independence
Everything threatened by his presence
The world we know is now past tense,

Can it be the cabal of powerful families?
Hiring snipers who shoot from trees
Mankind is the victim of fake disease
The Dark Lord of the machinery,

No photo description available.

The prince of darkness, the wicked one
Destroyer of worlds not a normal son
It now appears that decency is done
The ultimate evil this way comes,

The Dark Lord of the Machinery
Standing in the rubble and debris
A smile on his evil face you can clearly see
All this unnecessary chaos how can it be?

He could be the president or a billionaire
A foreign leader a terrorist with a deadly stare
He starts world wars without a care
The Dark Lord of the machinery causing despair,

Could this be the Devil or Satan as they say?
Better go to church and hope to pray
Is all this destruction here to stay?
The Dark Lord of the machinery the skies are gray.

No photo description available.

In Exile

July 24, 2020

In Exile

Do you ever think of me don’t know why I care

Wishing for something that’s no longer there

Sadly my memory gives me no choice

You could have been Hazey Jane or a girl named Joyce,

Where do I go and where can I stay

To escape from the past at Melancholy Bay

It seems so dark here far from the sun’s rays

Sitting here alone wondering how long I must pay,

The ghost ships have sunk along the bottom

 Another evening fit for a few glasses of rum

Only way to get through this is if I stay numb

Melancholy Bay is where that sound comes from,

Waves cover the sand bars stretching beyond the shore

Little do sailors know they’re knocking on death’s door

I never used to feel this way what can I say?

I’m locked in eternity here on Melancholy Bay,

I used to have my plans now I’m living day to day

There are several unknown things here at play

Sometimes I just have to stop and pray

Living here in isolation at Melancholy Bay,

I used to be such a lover usually care free

Now I’m reduced to suffering on bended knee

From the cold waters I hear her calling me

Perhaps I belong below the waters of the sea,

It seems tragically silly wouldn’t you agree?

There’s no time for tea and sympathy

Can’t even find the shade of a Joshua tree

Oh my God what’s happening to me?

The wind seems awful chilly and the sky is gray

Should have left this place long ago without a delay

Somethings never change I think’s it’s safe to say

Especially when you’re in exile on Melancholy Bay.

Realizations on a Sunday Morning

July 19, 2020
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Realizations on a Sunday Morning

Taking time to see what is left in life I can find
The Rabbit Hole is not silver lined
The wrath of a woman is more than unkind
Even a child’s playground is mined,

Most of what I see is idiocy defined
Where is the wisdom I once knew among my kind?
Among my own family and women I am maligned
There’s nothing left to reassure or bind,

It seems the longer life goes on options disappear
It seems impossible to hold loved ones near
No sympathy or forgiveness just a snear
Something in the air smells like fear,

The transformation they promised has occurred
The lines of deception and truth are now blurred
It seems imprisonment of the masses is assured
Freedom vanquished like the flight of a bird,

Image may contain: outdoor

You came as a servant and I believed in you
But you morphed into my master that is true
Now I’m wondering what can I do?
At least the sky above still appears blue,

The wall may seem invisible but no doubt it’s there
It assures us of oppression and despair
The worst are the fools who couldn’t care
They’ve all stupidly bought into this nightmare,

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

The rulers of the night
Who would extinguish joy from our sight
Plotting against decency wrong and right
Too many fools who can’t understand their plight,

Somewhere a Prince cries for his mate
Somewhere a woman gives up and succumbs to her fate
Somewhere a nation realizes it’s too late
They were warned that the enemy was at the gate.

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Let’s Talk About the Juxtaposed Reality You are Supposed to Accept

July 19, 2020

The erosion of common sense

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You are watching TV and a commercial comes on empowering women just because they wear anti-leakage disposable underwear, and they’ll stomp their feet all at once leading us to believe just like Jesus would do the same after he returns to earth witnessing the evil that has gone on since his departure only when he stamps his foot earthquakes will arise! There is an anti-perspirant ad by a well known deodorant maker that has women making muscle pumping stances that signify their power over not sweating under their own under arms even when taking an aerobics class because they have attained political and social power over using a product that suppresses the body’s normal reaction to heat and physical stress by using aluminum chlorhydrate considered by many to be a toxic brain contaminating agent! Knowing this is all politically false advertising that capitalizes on people’s stupidly exploited emotions I find my self being the only person in Walmart or Home Depot not wearing a mask, and I know the illusion is complete. The people are dumbed down, brainwashed, and subjugated by their masters! Like Lemmings they have submitted like caged animals and the next step will be exactly this as they are packed into waiting National Guard trucks to be shipped to quarantine facilities or military lock downs located God knows where!

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Humans are impressionable. They are susceptible to odd ideas and manipulative narratives that convince them to submit, to give up, to obey! We humans are a social species who want to believe that leadership had our best interests in mind, but they don’t, and it’s hard for them to see the “Big Picture”. Reality has such nice packaging! War can be seen as justifiable no matter how many GI’s come home without limbs, mentally disturbed, or unable to engage with society in a normal way again, but the media will tell us they are village burners, child killers, and hired thugs who betray the poor brown skinned victims of the third world! They will tell us like Barrack Obama that they are well paid mercenaries so what ever happens to them is not our responsibility being that they were professional and well paid soldiers who chose to participate in evil missions! So fuck’em!

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We are led to believe by the US media that capitalism is some evil kind of socioeconomic system that victimizes the innocent, taxes the poor, and establishes a system of abusive unearned superiority that capitalizes on the unfortunate while uplifting the greedy rich class! Yet, this Soviet orchestrated model of deception does not depict free markets and free enterprise in its actual role. Why have more millionaires, more prosperity, more of those who rose above poverty to make themselves into successful examples of what a little ambition and unhindered effort by the bold and brave can do to enhanced one’s life. Becoming a positive role model for all to see? Opportunity exists when government rule removes itself from the society and individual ambition is allowed to turn the tide of despair to the joy of earning the rewards of hard effort and belief in the individual who seeks betterment! A person who does not expect entitlement or government intervention, but rewards that are earned from ingenuity, hard work, and free thinking will succeed! This can never happen under ANTIFA madness or Black Lives Matter spinning yarns of hate and violence! You must free yourself from the lies! America is great. it does provide opportunity. And, it does promote freedom of thought not suppression of liberty as the Bolsheviks and their evil media would have you believe!

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July 13, 2020

Converting America to the Global Government Tyranny!

How could the most mighty nation on the face of the earth be defeated? It can’t be overtaken by foreign armies, can’t be overwhelmed by international commerce as our nation has a huge consumer driven market, and cannot be proven wrong by sheer results and facts! Yet, there is one thing that can turn the tide against America! That is subversion, brainwashing, ideological anarchy carried out by the useful idiots within our society! Those such as Mayor De Blasio of New York City who would release felon criminals over Covid 19, who would defund the New Your police department to bow to the demands of rioters, judge Sullivan, an Obama appointee, who after being reprimanded by three court judges in appeals still continues to persecute general Michael Flynn now exonerated of all false charges! Yuri Bezmenov, a defected Russian KGB agent warned America back in the 80’s as he toured and lectured Americans that an internal revolt could be fueled by liars, useful idiots, and traitors who would collapse their very own country! 

Never should happen

How could terrorist organizations like ANTIFA and BLM be allowed to operate within the US? They cause violence, bloodshed, their hired agitators don’t even have a clue as to why they are there, as these enemies of the state are allowed by mayors and governors on the left to burn police cars, destroy store fronts and even destroy college campuses as masked anarchists are allowed to get way with public destruction that you and I would find ourselves in jail for! In a nation that values its due process of law how could this happen? The Democrats have unleashed the flood of violent demonstrators, foreign agents, domestic terrorists, hired rioters, and billionaire donors committed to ending the Constitutional Republic we once trusted as our keepers!

Internal failure

When lawmakers are too cowardly to defend their own citizens, when Congress refuses to uphold our existing laws of peaceful public assembly, when our mayors refuse to protect their cities and police departments from violent anti-American demonstrations allowing innocent people to be beaten and killed while refusing to punish the perpetrators then law and order have been defeated and the enemies of our civil society have been given permission to destroy what 300 years of American heritage gave the world a lesson in freedom over! We have been stabbed in the back by those who took office taking an oath to defend the US Constitution but have failed us just as our enemies who would drive a sword through our hearts! 

The early betrayal

First it began with a liberal media that clawed away at conservative policy and Christian morality beginning in the mid-1960’s! It began in the public schools who rebelled against American exceptionalism and refused to teach about the War of Independence against England! American history soon was revised to favor a socialist myth that kept most students ignorant of just why the US Constitution was so important to not only America but the human race as well! Socialism was then promulgated by American hating professors and educators so that our youth were indoctrinated so badly that they would adopt the very philosophy that could topple the American dream! Our multi-national corporate TV and radio companies began their campaign of disinformation! Our foreign owned US operations could even steal crops from the US market and ship that food overseas thus starving the American public!


Despite the revival of the US economy achieved through President Trump’s policies, the huge tax break given to Americans to stimulate spending as did President Reagan, renegotiating trade deals with our foreign partners including China, setting records in employment numbers, and securing the border with Mexico from undeclared invasion still the brainwashed useful idiots of the young, paid terrorists, and radicals continued unimpeded by the general welfare and good that President Trumps policies promoted! Proof that these groups like La Raza, Move On, Black Lives Matter, ACORN, and ANTIFA despite having been proven to have been making bombs, planning violent assaults, and announcing their intent to end American freedom and Constitutional Law have not been curtailed, apprehended, or sought as illegal threats to our nation! This is not just a Democrat problem or foreign infiltration problem, but it is also an example of Republican refusal to actively oppose these anti-American forces! Wake up people! 


In the final analysis we are being betrayed by our very own political leaders unwilling to uphold the law! We are being savaged by those who would destroy the American dream just to be in power! We are being subverted by cold blooded leftists who would overlook the shootings of little children, overlook the breaking of laws to protect the public, while unleashing violent criminals from prisons according to Covid 19 deception so that we can be assured of anarchy in our streets, news created around that false narrative, and in favor of those who would create death and mayhem just to be in power not to mention the lies they have repeatedly echoed to further their evil and unjust cause!

The Shadow of a Man

July 9, 2020

Shadow of a Man

Although I’m in need of a happy fairy tale

I’ve spent my time to close to hell

Time to run time to hide

Some might want to commit suicide!

Desperation like poison wine

Once you’ve crossed that fine line

My little angel once looked so fine

But even the Devil can appear divine,

Like a crowd panicking in a burning room

There seems to be this sense of doom

A jet interceptor comes with a sonic boom

Inevitable destruction just seems to loom,

Oh my dear how you’ve changed

So hateful and a bit deranged

Oh the agony of being estranged

Like a poor dog suffering with mange,

How many of us wish we could turn back time?

Is it the effect of the tequila of the bitter lime?

Oh how fate can turn on a dime

Leaving this poet locked in this dreadful rhyme,

If there’s a messiah lingering in the air

Why does the temptress always seem so fair?

She slices your artery without a care

Now you’re kneeling in such despair,

Oh Lord of fate can’t you see

This shadow of a man never free

Is that a noose on the limb of a tree?

We’re all sinners to varying degrees!

I began paving the road of good intentions to hell

I often got up again when I fell

Then a strange thing when I heard the bell

It rang for thee no tale to tell.

Oh, Abigail you were a work of art

I’ll never know if you were sincere from the start

Such people as us who play this part

Is it the passion that tears us apart?

I’ve come to my limit short on fuel

Damned because I didn’t follow the golden rule

Used by women like a fool

What was once love now so cruel,

I’m a gunman who lost the duel

The thief has stolen my jewel

I was always the convenient tool

Now I need a miracle of renewal.  

A Paranormal July 4th Part II

July 5, 2020
Major Jesse Marcel from the Roswell Army Air Field with debris found 75 miles north west of Roswell, NM, in June 1947. The debris has been identified as that of a radar target. The Air Force released a report on 24 June debunking reports of a UFO crash

  • The Fourth of July in America should be a sacred time where we acknowledge our veterans, we remember the colonial fighters who destroyed a malignant British monarchy that would have milked America like any  other of their colonial conquests, but we as a free people with great leaders saw through such tyranny and we participated in building a Constitutional Republic that valued human rights, being able to petition the government over its offenses against the people as we built a solid free enterprise economy free of taxation without representation!  And still today those basic principles are lost to the ready made slaves of the public schools who would rather accept the fraud of socialism over the freedoms that our Founding Father fought and died for!

Unseen implications

However, in Part II we will not explore this segment of history at the moment . We will explore the Roswell Incident and how on this very date not only did our perception change over the purpose of human kind, the existence of perhaps other civilizations, or that our own government was conducting ultra top secret operations that they were willing to kill for in order to secure a wall of secrecy just as ruthless as the Nazis we had supposedly been liberated from during the second World War was now here in America! Somewhere here is a grievous inconsistency that does not belong on the court of public opinion if properly exposed and prosecuted for the violations that indeed have been committed!

From ruling class to omnipotent?

Secrecy is a topic that like a malignant tumor stretches out to touch many other issues! When  government feels justified to hide the truth from it’s people, using this as an excuse to intimidate, incarcerate, or even make death threats, then the lines have been crossed between Constitution rights and outright fascism! The government has now appointed itself as God! Being a cruel God that will impose an embargo on the truth or persecute those who don’t get the message. This is the emergence of an unconstitutional government violating all pretense of individual freedom our forefathers specified in the Bill of Rights, US Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence!  

Unveiling the beast

When an unknown disk was reported publicly by the 509th Bomb Group at Walker Air Force in Roswell the first layer of denial and lies was exposed as the federal government scrambled for an explanation that the sheep would dutifully swallow and they did and so did the obedient US media serve their purpose as well!. If weather balloons, radiosondes, and high altitude train balloons were worth harassing the public over, making death threats over, and denying the obvious truth over than someone had managed to subvert our Constitutional government from us and was acting with impunity! The implications were disturbing in the least!

Convenient denial

In 1947 following WWII after all the sacrifices of a great generation who believed they were being patriotic and doing what any group of Americans should do were in effect being duped! Roswell, New Mexico represented an inflection in the general train of thought of most persons in the US, but sudden and inexplicable events that have no logical explanation are no more than an insight to the lies and intentional cover up for a government that values its secrets over the safety and information that is promised to the Americans who have to trust their leaders to do the right thing, but is it really being done?

One more excuse to unleash the knives

Yet, in the midst of what was supposedly an easily explained away misidentification by a senior Air Force officer and seasoned specialist why then did the US government instigate a critical rise in the security state with the signing of the National Security Act (NSA) that President Truman would later regret! Now the agenda of the secret federal government operations would seem legal despite what happened to the general public! UFO’s had now given our federal government the permission to violate personal privacy, to strip a US citizen of their Constitutional rights under the guise of national security and many more Americans would feel the threat of an agency out of control as unknown disks escaped the reach of our military  that could not be justified!   Yet, such illegal legislation led to a prelude for violating our future rights as well!

Final countdown

The question would soon become.what else would the federal government’s covert agencies decide which opportunities would further their power over ordinary Americans much like the Soviets whose citizens trembled in their presence! Much like the Nazis who would murder anyone who stood in their way. There would be no debate, yet somehow it could only take the crash landing of a UFO to reveal the savage underbelly of our federal government bent and determined to test the theory of unlawful conduct as others awaited a secrecy linked event to justify the imprisonment by a government not sure who or where such allegations came from! 1947 and quite possibly Roswell led the way for authorities to make excuses for throwing away our rights and imposing draconian rule to keep we the people in line! 


When dedicated veterans and patriots to the cause of our nation began making death bed confessions about their involvement in the Roswell crash in spite of the oath of secrecy they had taken, then one must realize just how concrete this so called illusion really was! Men who were guarding the containers of the recovered alien bodies who had taken a peak into the uncharted territory, men who had participated in recovering the wreckage debris in several locations, officers who were given orders to remain silent over what they had seen, and in doing so had submitted to an oath of silence that would even threaten their families if they exposed the truth-all casualties of the erosion of our rights here in the supposed “Land of the Free”.

The true new age

When General Nathan F. Twining ordered the Roswell artifacts as they called the UFO wreckage to be placed under “Foreign Technology” he ingeniously hid the ultra classified material in plain sight. Later on, General Trudeau would direct his aid, Philip J. Corso, to cede this bizarre electronic gear to US defense contractors who would back engineer the ceramic light filaments that would become digital cable capable of carrying thousands of signals on relatively thin strands without creating heat, what we now know as printed circuits and transistors, pilot to craft direct flight control, futuristic ergonomics, and light highly impact resistant metals stronger than the heavy steel and aluminum used then for propeller driven aircraft.

Questions remain

The question remains as those such as Physicist, Stanton Friedman, have observed, was the event at Roswell merely an accident that doomed a crew of tiny humanoid beings to die far from their home planet? Or, was this all a planned foot step into a future that had now become accelerated centuries ahead of time due to the recovery and analysis of technology that would have taken so much longer to develop? While still others such as Jacques Vallee consider the UFO mystery to be demonic deception, this coming from a long time researcher who organized a UN council on UAP’s. Still, others think that these tiny occupants of strangely powered crafts to be merely visitors from our future. Then, as Philip J. Corso states, where did the sudden evolution of modern electronics suddenly pop up from while a 50 year employee of Bell Northern Laboratories admits that our science of telephony and primitive circuit boards were no where near the level that we suddenly achieved in the short years after 1947. Still, we are haunted by the implications of a July 4th that panned out a little differently than the typical patriotic holiday. 

Was this really a crash?

One lingering query still remains to be answered in all this. Was the seeming alien spacecraft with its electromagnetic propulsion system simply disrupted by a direct hit by a bolt of lighting or were the powerful targeting radars at such secret radar stations as ADC ID: P-8 near El Vado, New Mexico unwittingly the culprit in causing an in-flight failure for the ill fated alien craft? Again, the answers appear vaguely unattainable.