Thanksgiving Blues

November 22, 2019

Thanksgiving Blues

Black stockings made of fish net
Little Darling don’t you fret
Taking another trip down the road of regret
Buying children school clothes at the shopping outlet,

Lord, I didn’t anticipate being alone
No calls coming in on the telephone
All those expressions cold as stone
If I could borrow love I’d take out a loan,

Sky is gray the street wet with rain
Were all my life’s efforts in vain?
All this could drive a good man insane
Right now I’d even settle for plain Jane,

The window glass misty with my breath
Is this really a type of living death?
There’s another name for Satan and that’s Seth
Where is she when you need her Lady Macbeth?

Misery, it seems is my only friend
There’s more uncertainty just around the next bend
Sometimes a man’s heart can never mend
Perhaps I’m just getting closer to the end,

Standing on the sidewalk watching life pass me by
They call it self-pity they’re all so steel eyed
If they’d been through the same thing as I
They’d simply moan, give up, and cry,

God look down upon this pathetic man
You knew what was to happen then what was the plan?
If I would have known I would have ran
No guests for Thanks Giving no holiday ham.

Another Near Miss

September 23, 2019

Another Near Miss

You just had to have an affair so you could be free
You forced me down on bended knee
Oh Lord how could this be?
My last trip to sanctuary,

I’m not complaining anymore
The past leaves a scar that is still so sore
When you did that I knew we were never more
It’s just that I feel so hollow at the core,

Life brings us all this change
It’s our job to adapt and rearrange
But when existence becomes too strange
When life becomes a prisoner exchange,

You find just how expendable we all are
All of us behind invisible bars
As Fathers as wives as children no stars
On a hot summer’s day like a dog in a car,

We all have unique observations on life
It will carve you up just like a knife
And just when you think you’ve overcome the strife
Do you really want to risk having another wife?

Home wreckers rationalize with blame
They have no problem forgetting your name
Walking out on you it’s all the same
We can never go back from where we came,

I never really knew you I know now
Listened to your drivel like a sacred cow
Dealt with your acid tongue like a leopard’s growl
Now I live life stuck like a rusted plow,

On the world’s stage I’ve taken my bow
Yet, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel
At those rare social occasions, I merely prowl
But deep inside I want to let out a werewolves howl,

With some solace within the Lord’s prayer
Sometimes I’ll admit to the thousand-yard stare
A desperate animal caught and trapped in a snare
Should I chew off my leg and leave it there?

Oh tell me Dear did you ever really care?
Could there be intelligent life anywhere?
Instead of just kicking this old gray mare
Another near miss what a scare.

Could Andrew Breitbart’s Death Been An Assassination?

March 12, 2012

Could Andrew Breitbart’s Death Been An Assassination?

In the wake of the unlikely death of successful and talented publisher and commentator, Andrew BreitImagebart we are not only saddened but intrigued by his untimely passing. A 43 year old California publishing millionaire collapses in front of his home, dying shortly after. Yes, this is an unfortunate reality of our fast paced world of stress and pressured living, Breitbart was an acknowledged political opponent of Barack Obama. Some have speculated at his anger being responsible for causing a heart problem that could have led to a sudden and fatal episode.

However, there is more to this tragic puzzle than meets the eye. In his political battle against the President’s radical push to transform American society into Obama’s socialistic vision. Andrew Breitbart posed maybe too great a threat to the career of Barack Hussein Obama. It was announced here recently that not only did Breitbart acquire home movies containing damaging information about President Obama’s radical affiliations with known subversives, but that he would use this material to force Obama to have to requalify himself as being eligible to hold the office of the presidency all over again. There would be no automatic vetting of the President by state election boards once the controversy had been fully revealed on film.

Breitbart’s expose’ would also shed light on the fact that news organizations and educators who sympathize with the leftist cause in America had hidden this film footage or severely edited the content so as not to reveal its true convicting essence. Breitbart, said that he would vet President Obama in 2012 under the revelation of the videos he had acquired, Andrew promised a new and powerful weapon against the chances of a successful re-election campaign. It was clear that Andrew Breitbart was more than hinting at the Kryptonite he had in store for an incumbent president seeking another term.

Among a long list of known radicals such as William Ayers, a convicted domestic terrorist, Bernadine Dohrn, his wife and coconspirator, Louis Farrakhan, a known radical leftist hate monger, were others who participated in Obama’s developing career. As allegations grew and political pressures threatened to obstruct his ambitions, Obama used his most well known tactic of disassociating himself from those in his past. Although this stretched his credibility and shed obvious doubt upon himself, Obama continued to deny his past involvement with many of these radical and even criminal elements such as Tony Rezko.

Through these videos of young Barack Obama’s college days, Andrew Breitbart planned to reveal all the rabid and fanatical subversives that the President spent time with and rallied around in his formative years. Yet, for reasons of political expediency, Obama had abruptly severed ties with these personalities once criticism arose to conceal the truth.

With Breitbart’s exposure of the President’s radical ties the American people could finally have proof of Obama’s influences who publicly expressed their hatred for America, their contempt for our capitalistic society, as well as their hostility toward white people. Of course, this was not only something President Obama would not want potential voters to see, but a side of his ideological development that defined who he really was, and how that dictated just why his policies tended to diminish traditional American interests. It answered all to well just why it was that President Obama has conducted a campaign of weakening this nation with his counterproductive directives.

For example, one film clip shows Professor Derrick Bell embracing young Barack Obama in 1991 during a political event. Bell, a radical Harvard Professor, advocated harassing white people. Professor Bell charged that the US justice system was inherently prejudiced toward black Americans. Derrick Bell made well known his anti-Semitism toward Jews. A radical mentor of Obama’s, Richard Ogletree, admitted to hiding this piece of film footage during the 2008 election campaign for obvious reasons. It is this kind of political manipulation that begins to uncover a conspiracy to black out the troubled past of Barack Hussein Obama. Revealing these facts could upset the carefully molded image created for the public by Barack Obama’s handlers, and change the course of events to come!

The only limit to the shock factor of an assassination is the clandestined act of killing a key political figure itself. Either the true assassin and the reason for that deed can be made public or not. The reason, who was behind it, the method used to kill, and even the political rationale for such a bold and brutal act can remain a well kept mystery if the factions responsible so deem it to be necessary.

Over the decades a multitude of individuals all over the world especially in America have been systematically exterminated with surgical precision and often very unclear motives. Political figures, enforcement agents, celebrities, UFO investigators, intelligence agents, armed forces personnel, and even journalists have suffered untimely deaths of questionable detail and circumstance. Assassinations are an art as well as a science. Over the last few decades with the help of science, they have become harder and harder to identify due to the disguised method, or the Machiavellian situation that was arranged in order to insure a swift and efficient kill with few if any clues left as to the perpetrators of the evil act.

By the 1960’s the CIA and KGB had perfected many subtle and ingenious ways of causing a swift and hard to determine form of death. By 1962 the CIA was able to introduce cancer as a covert manner of killing a target without drawing suspicion to who and why. CIA laboratories devised methods of toxin delivery that made detection of the cause of death almost impossible.

In 1975 during the Church Committee, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona interrogated a CIA director who exhibited a hand gun capable of delivering a high speed frozen dart composed of a frozen toxin. The dart would enter the target’s body like any other bullet or projectile and melt as it delivered the fatal dose of poison into the circulatory system leaving only a small reddened area where it had pierced the skin. It would be almost undetectable, especially if a coroner had not been briefed to look for this subtle indicator.

Another innovative form of inducing a covert form of heart attack in a social setting was a cigar that was invented by the Soviet KGB that when lit and casually brought within close proximity of the target would induce a sudden cardiac arrest from the vapor emitted. The agent would merely approach the victim, light the cigar in a relaxed manner, and lean with one hand against the shoulder of the target, cigar in that hand, in a seemingly friendly gesture. The smoke from the cigar, laced with a fast acting airborne chemical would induce the desired rapid death from apparent natural causes.

Was Andrew Breitbart the target of an assassin’s frozen killer dart, delivered by the expert aim of an operative brandishing a pistol designed to propel that deadly projectile? Was Breitbart struck by a fast acting neurotoxin that paralyzed his heart muscle and simulated what appeared to be a classic massive cardiac arrest? Was the unfortunate and untimely death by natural causes being conveniently determined by an unsuspecting coroner, and becoming the inordinate epitaph of an angry opponent of President Obama? Is this the way the compliant leftist main stream media would obediently report the story in response to a deadly event that occurred under suspect timing in conjunction with the release of damaging evidence that was to be presented against President Obama? Does this seem to be a bit too accusatory, or is it simply too coincidental to ignore?

Let me remind you that ever since the horrific assassination of President John F. Kennedy
In 1963, the business of well coordinated and often high tech assassinations has become more and more prevalent as an expedient method of eviscerating threats. Almost every assassination of a leading political figure from Robert Kennedy to Martin Luther King has been fraught with conspiracy allegations. However, that leaves a long list of people who have suffered very untimely deaths that seemed to be from natural causes, yet are unexplainably attributed to those seemingly too young to have been candidates for deaths by natural causes. Many of these people were in a controversial situation and they posed a threat to an opposing faction either intentionally or simply by the weight of the evidence their investigations had uncovered.

A reminder of the CIA’s use of cancer to cause the demise of targeted subjects would be Jack Ruby, the man who gunned down the alleged assassin of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing Oswald with a hand gun in front of national TV counters in the parking garage of the Dallas Court House, Ruby pleaded with authorities to be taken to Washington DC where he would expose the whole plot to kill President Kennedy. Jack Ruby’s pleas fell on deaf ears and he would later die in a Dallas jail cell from a form of cancer. Was that just a coincidence? Was that the product of a CIA medical laboratory? Perhaps its just another meaningless conspiracy theory. Funny how more and more of these inexplicable events take place these days whenever it seems the exposure of damaging evidence is eminent.

Who Is The True Master That President Obama Serves

January 19, 2012

President Obama answers to another power besides the people of America

With the announcement today of President Obama’s rejection of TransCanada’s proposal for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, we are seeing nothing more than environmental terrorism. America in need of jobs and economic stimulus instead must suffer another setback due to the supposed concerns over ecological impact of an oil pipeline that has been proposed for years as a result of the great tar sands discovery in Alberta, Canada and even parts of US northern territory. Regardless of the potential benefits to American workers, employers, tax jurisdictions, and suppliers, President Obama has made another partisan move with a political angle that eclipses logic and economic sense.

The use of environmental concerns to stifle political opposition that comes up with better solutions and makes the Obama administration look bad is a blemish that the Obama administration is unwilling to accept. So, better to kill a wonderful opportunity for  strategically located energy at cheaper prices that is brought in by American workers and their Canadian counterparts, than suffer humiliation that would be short-lived amongst the praises of supporting such a beneficial shot in the arm for the American economy. President Obama would rather kill the deal under the false pretense of State department procedure and review.

This short sighted stubbornness and rigid ideological indifference can only indicate that our President serves another master, and that master is not the American people. In essence, Obama is holding the US hostage to his ultimate goal of undermining American energy independence through ambiguous legislation and the heavy handed regulation of the EPA which has already shut down many offshore drilling operations in the Gulf. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a wonderful opportunity to attain multiple goals at the same time. Few times in history is our great nation treated to such promising prospects that address so many needs at once, economic, job creation, tax revenues, secured energy resources, and positive trade relations with our neighbor, Canada. Yet, our President sees fit to obstruct this chance to reinvigorate the US economy.

Let’s talk about which masters President Obama is really serving here in the midst of this controversial decision. There’s China. They need oil to meet their growing consumption. China’s growing disenchantment with the US economy and its impact on the billions in Federal Treasury notes held by the Asian super power puts a great deal of leverage in their hands. If China were to dump the hundreds of billions in US Treasury notes onto the world market, the US dollar would experience a crisis. Is Obama going to allow the tar sands oil resource from Alberta be negotiated instead to the Chinese as Obama stages his mock environmental concerns? Will Obama wait to score political points with his supporters by waiting until a future crucial point to pull the Keystone XL Pipeline out of his hat and approve it then?

Or does President Obama have yet another unseen master who is pulling the puppet strings from the shadows and dictating a more sinister motive in withholding energy independence and job prospects from the American economy? That master is the New World Order, those rich families who control the Federal Reserve System; pull the strings at the United Nations, and influence the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) whom most political figures, corporate leaders, and mainstream US media journalists are members. It is to the best interests of the New World Order to keep America in decline as this nation serves as a political contradiction to the failures of socialist regimes all over the globe. Socialism is the tool that the New World Order wants to use in order to keep all nations citizens on an equal but impoverished playing field.

The shadow government is using class warfare within the US now as it pits the affluent against those who no longer have jobs or careers thanks to government sanctioned legislation that has killed jobs and forced American corporations to relocate overseas. How convenient to use class warfare while the overburdening taxation it takes to pay the Federal Reserve for printing the worthless, fiat, US currency that deflates as the US economy declines from unemployment caused by Federal Reserve backed policy.

Do you really think this is some convoluted conspiracy theory? Think again. Why does the US government continue to draft policies that only restrict US potential, take away our freedoms, violated the US Constitution, and stifle the individual? Why is public education getting worse while being infected with radical political content, sex, and even homosexual lifestyle classes? Why are failing minorities allowed to cause over all standards and minimum requirements to drop rather than the system doing a better job of educating them?

Why is Communist influence being tolerated in our society and government? 80 members of Congress are registered in the American Communist Party. Why are our courts forcing state governments like Oklahoma to accept Sharia Law when it is unconstitutional for foreign treaties to trump US Constitutional law? Why was Proposition 8 in California overturned when more than 7 million state citizens voted against it? Why does the Obama administration refuse to protect our international borders with Mexico, allow drug cartels to freely enter our country, and offer free government services to illegal aliens while suing the states for enforcing federal law?

This is the subterfuge causing chaos and confusion within our nation. America is under a takeover, and the people can’t see the truth because they are bound by the right and left paradigm created by the shadow world government to distract us from what really is going on. How can President Obama possibly justify withholding cheap and secure energy from his nation, not to mention the jobs and tax revenues that go with it? The answer is, as the President holds America hostage, he is answering to his true allegiance and his true masters of the New World Order.

Back in My Time Machine

November 26, 2021
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Back in My Time Machine

Chasing down melodies of yesterday
Little pieces of life that have gone astray
Back when wives and family used to stay
Songs you rarely hear nowadays,

Image result for time machine of memories

Unravelling of life since long ago
Those old feelings don’t you know
A sentimental journey unlike those sudden blows
A captured memory be careful of the seeds you sow,

Oh artists , friends, and lovers where are you now?
Won’t you come back and take a bow
Like the fondness of some sacred cow
Old fashioned like spouses who kept their vows,

Image result for time machine of memories

Oldies but goodies a piece of captured time
More about who, where, and when, not the rhyme
Did you fail on your first pick up line?
Breathing warmth back into this heart of mine,

Going back in my time machine
When I was still young and lean
Before I was ever part of the heartbreak scene
Those impressions made when I was just a teen,

Image result for wizard of Oz

Chasing down memory lane
I’m on an exodus from today’s pain
Memorabilia rarely leaves a blood stain
As I make my way through the pouring rain.

Image result for Beatles

Reflections on Being Alone on Thanksgiving

November 26, 2021
Image result for alone on Thanksgiving

Reflections on Being Alone on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgivng isn’t that time of year
To be alone shedding a silent tear
Especially when your own family steers clear
And you have only your face in the mirror,

Image result for alone on Thanksgiving

Questions come to mind like how did it get this way?
Here you are abandoned and left astray
Remember, they say, it’s Turkey Day
Never the less, hard not to feel betrayed,

It’s a cloudy blustery day this Thanksgiving day,
The leaves are yellow and the branches sway
Not the best time to be alone anyway
My estranged wife why couldn’t you have stayed,

Image result for alone on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day, a time to be thankful
A time to spend with family and be grateful
To put aside feelings of bitterness and not be spiteful
But, in the absence of friends and family to be sorrowful,

In this universe so many things that revolve around
The birth of a nation where freedom could be found
In a new world where survival and fruitfulness abound
On this day please tell me where humanity can resound,

Image result for divorced on Thanksgiving

i found an old email where you spoke of you and I
Words that brought a tear to my eye
How we had blended our lives together and I sighed
I remember as dead leaves in the air seem to glide,

We are our own worst enemies you and I
We manage to stay alone and watch the world go by
Living for tomorrow but one day we’ll die
Yet, alone on Thanksgiving Day you cry.

Image result for divorced on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving That American Holiday Others Can’t Seem to Fathom

November 26, 2021

Thursday, November 25, 2021

The American Holiday

 By Anna Von Reitz

In many parts of the world, Thanksgiving is referred to as “the American holiday” and our snobby British counterparts sniff at it disparagingly from the end of a long British nose. However, Thanksgiving is more than a holiday and concerns more than turkeys. Thanksgiving is a mindset. Thanksgiving is a way of life. Thanksgiving is our secret means to gain excellence and victory. The Monarchists among us have little cause to celebrate or give thanks, because whether they are bowing down to a King or Queen, or bowing down to a Corporation’s CEO, it still means that they are not free, that they are in fact abdicating their responsibility for their own lives, and practicing idolatry instead of worshiping our Creator and Sustainer, Divine Providence.

That is precisely why our Ancestors came here to found a New World and a new social order. And that is why we give thanks today and every day, above and beyond all else. We saw the eternal Truth and we grasped it close and were glad for it. We celebrate it every year. It’s impossible to feel sorry for yourself when gratitude fills your heart. It’s impossible to be afraid when gratitude floods your mind. Thanksgiving isn’t just an odd American holiday nobody else celebrates. Thanksgiving is our secret weapon in the Spiritual War now gripping the entire world. Be grateful that you have hearts and minds and hands and feet. Be grateful that you have friends and family and neighbors. Be grateful that our Earth continues despite all the attacks of the Evil Ones against her. Be grateful for the wisdom that guides every waking hour.
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Coming Undone

November 25, 2021
Image result for time is a painting

Time is a painting that’s never quite done
A growing child playing under the sun
Trying to comprehend this rabbit hole while under the gun
Then I look in the mirror and know I’ve come undone,

Image result for time is a painting

Control sliding away from inside of me
Faith in all that I once thought was free
Walking zombies who can’t fathom liberty
Doomed to be washed out to sea,

Still I look and realize that I’ve come undone
Realizations that weigh a ton
Like failing romance that was never won
Like losing your youngest son,

Image result for time is a painting

Tangled in the rose bushes of life
Those thorns cutting just like a knife
Looking out over all the chaos and strife
But for those tangled thorns of my life,

There’s an art to coming undone
Too many personal battles not won
Too many romances where I’ve been shunned
Too many times fate left me stunned,

Image result for time is a painting

Oh Mary like when I put my head in your lap
Just a momentary gesture in a gap
Trying to rise above a forming trap
Just another overlooked mishap,

Everyman needs a pair of out stretched arms
A sanctuary from all the world’s harms
Just a moment to partake of her charms
But her rejection touches off alarms,

Image result for time is a painting

Something very deep inside
That you detected when she lied
Wasn’t about outrage or foolish pride
More like from something from which you must hide,

It’s all in coming undone
Doesn’t really sound like much fun
How gradually that process has begun
Stealing all hope as if there were a black hole in the sun.

Image result for A man coming undone

The Myth of the Great Reset New Green Deal

November 24, 2021
Image result for AOC on Climate change

Faithfully portrayed as a measure to save mankind within the desperate 12-year margin as define by AOC, the overspending appropriated for this bill will be squandered on Democrat projects and bail outs to ensure that they never lose an election again. Somehow, the Republicans managed in 2010 to go from taking a record 600 public office seats from the Democrats to losing the House majority prior to the win by Donald Trump in 2016, thus making it possible to obstruct all the positive ground gaining legislation that could have been made even though the president did get a lot of his appointments to the courts and economic policy pushed through. But, we have evolved from that era to a new era of Democrat sabotage so that their majority will allow them to pass any spending and destructive bills they think are necessary to solidify their illegitimate election win.

Image result for AOC on Climate change

Another climate sham

The Green New Deal will be just that, more of a social engineering bill than anything that will keep pollutants from fouling the atmosphere or fossil fuel from bringing reliable energy at a cheaper cost to the citizens who need it most. America had now plunged into the abyss of high inflation, high gas prices, shortage of retail consumer goods, and more radical violence with the kind of Soros funded prosecutors who admit that their new bail bond reforms will result in more deaths of innocent people. Come on! Get used to it! This is what happens in third world countries with corrupt regimes running the society into the ground with lies, theft of government funds, and a government that cares only to perpetuate itself. Just ask the people of Mexico how that’s worked out for them. Is that why they’re always trying to get to the US? Ask the people of Venezuela with worthless currency and they can’t even get toilet paper!

Image result for stolen election

The stolen republic

Somebody in America wake up! How did a senile old man who hid in his basement the majority of the election year and couldn’t even attract a dozen people manage to win an election with record voter turnout while Donald Trump had tens of thousands of people enthusiastically awaiting his entrance at rallies that had crowds spilling out of the stadiums? Why did officials in the battle ground states fight so hard to keep their voting systems from being investigated? People, I have some sad news for you. Your nation was stolen from you from right out in the open with well-planned evil and precision, and they insulted your intelligence thinking most of you would just sit back and take it, and you did!

Fiscal unsustainability

This is now the new norm in American politics. Roll out a long and complicated bill written by God only knows who, makes sure it’s thousands of pages long, that the party that originated it doesn’t even know the details, but they’ll vote for it anyway along party lines, and you can watch your very own country go into hyper inflated currency with zero buying power as the stolen taxpayer money goes for hidden agendas that pay Democrat run cities back for the billions in property damage caused by the very protesters they hired and refused to denounce as they rioted for weeks on end while police departments were told to stand down or were defunded. The rest of that elusive funding will no doubt go for the slush funds it takes to get these criminals re-elected again!

Image result for corrupt DOJ

What legal recourse?

Of course, this will all go uninvestigated by the Obama appointed corrupt Department of Justice who has no interest in doing their job. Why they’ll be too busy investigating parents who go to their children’s school board meeting to find all the pornography that’s available to public school classrooms nowadays. If not that, you can be assured that the DOJ will be looking for conservatives who have to defend themselves during all those basically peaceful protests as the towns burn in the background.

Image result for frozen wind farms

The criminals win!

I’m sure the DOJ will probably have their hands full defending all the community and state energy committees like ERCOT in Texas who are unprepared for blackouts caused by frozen wind generators or solar panels buried under ice and snow while children freeze to death. You can bet the Democrat legal teams will be all over that as they made sure that coal and diesel power generating plants could not be around for backup during peak demand! Nope, can’t have that, but we can have hard working people dying from exposure just so we can fight climate change! Yes, sir!

Image result for abortion clinics

Taking care of the real priorities

Just remember how essential it is that we keep those substandard abortion clinics run by Planned Parenthood at half a billion dollars a year even if they do sell baby parts! Why that’s how the Democrat hypocrite narratives roll! And Gosh, I almost forgot! While those millions of illegal aliens who’ve been shipped to every part of the US on your tax dollar who haven’t been background checked, haven’t been medically examined, have embedded drug cartel, terrorists, criminals, and human traffickers disguised as family members just waiting for that 450 thousand dollar pay off Joe Biden wants to give them while Americans suffer masked mandates, vaccination mandates, thermometer checks, lockdowns, and even more restrictive regulations! America the land of the free has become America land of the lunatic federal government hell bent to run this Constitutional republic into the ground no matter how much insane political action it takes!

Image result for illegal aliens

Who’s behind that curtain?

Whose behind all this you ask? It’s obvious Joe (fart in the Queen’s face) Biden sure isn’t capable of it! Doesn’t a lot of this chaos resemble the insanity of the Obama era? Why of course it does! And, who funded Obama’s career and put him into power? Why George Soros of course, and these evil bastards are hard at work spreading lies, brainwashing our kids, making a joke out of law and order, and making sure that the US dollar will worth little more than Milton Bradley Monopoly Money by the time they get through with it!

Time to take action

Now ask yourself one simple question. When it is obvious that our government is corrupt to the hilt, when they are violating the US Constitution at every turn, when it is obvious that they have no interest in listening to the American people as they accommodate illegal aliens from all over the world, what did our founding fathers provide for? They said when the government no longer defends the Constitution and has become irretrievably corrupt, they people have the right to abolish the system and prosecute those who are responsible in order to take the Constitutional Republic back! People, we are now at that point!

Image result for war of independence or revolutionary war

74 Years After the Roswell Incident What do we Really Know About UFO’s?

November 24, 2021
Image result for Roswell

In the first week of July 1947 during a severe thunderstorm something fell out of the sky on Mac Brazel’s ranch 70 miles from Roswell, New Mexico and the world has never seemed the same since. Is it any coincidence that the rise of the Security State and the NDAA enactments occurred in that same year? Was there a threat to national security that was not admitted by the federal government and the incident at Roswell only uncovered it? For being the simple misidentification of a common weather balloon it certainly was a compartmentalized investigation that involved the apparent threatening of lives of the local residents. These residents, who were quite familiar with the sight of weather balloons launched frequently and landed all over public and private land.

Image result for Ed Ruppelt's book the Report on UFO's 1956

Massive sightings

From that period of time all the way to 1952 during a UFO flap that covered many cities across the nation and, in particular, the Washington National sightings where UFO’s violated White House air space with impunity and even demonstrated stealth technology disappearing off the radar screens as F-94C jet fighters came within close proximity. It would seem that something or someone was making a rather grandiose entrance into the public’s awareness and the US military seemed powerless to stop it. In his book “The Report on UFO’s” by Project Blue Book Director, Captain Edward Ruppelt, the highest ranking officers in the US Air Force and Pentagon were convinced of the extraterrestrial thesis.

Image result for Ed Ruppelt's book the Report on UFO's 1956

Another reality

Yet, in all this, author John A. Keel, has a different take and perhaps an even more disturbing perspective. He claims that in 1953 as a journalist and in Egypt at the time, he witnessed a UFO over the pyramids and his outlook on reality was changed forever. One might recall the movie starring Richard Gere, “The Mothman Prophecies” was based upon Keel’s book “The Mothman Prophecies” circa 1974. But, Keel referenced the collapse of the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant West Virginia in several of his books such as “UFO’s Operation Trojan Horse” and “The Eighth Tower” since he was so profoundly affected by the events and the mysterious tragedies that affected his good friends who were involved in that event.

Calvin Parker has written a book about his experience with what he claims was an alien...


In 1973 Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were fishing at the Naval Shipyard in Pascagoula, Mississippi when an incident occurred that would haunt Calvin Parker the rest of his life. The men were amazed at an intense blue aerial light that descended from the sky toward them. Suddenly, what appeared to be a robot hovered out of a sphere and came toward the two now hysterical men, who were somehow paralyzed. Calvin and Charles were then lifted off the ground by an invisible force and levitated into the UFO that had landed close to them.

This is an illustration of what Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson described they saw the night...

After being examined, the two men were placed back at their fishing site and the unknown vehicle took off into the night sky! The two men were so frightened that they immediately made their way to the sheriff’s office where they were questioned and even taped unknowingly in order for law enforcement to determine whether they were creating a hoax or if they were sincere. The tape confirmed everything they had said and seemed to indicate both men were shaken by their experience. Yet, once the story hit the press the US Navy released a statement saying that both men were under surveillance by cameras in the shipyard and that nothing out of the ordinary was recorded.

Image result for John A. Keel Oparation Trojan Horse

Illuminated, but by whom?

Author John Keel commented on the incident in one of his books saying that what the Navy failed to record with their cameras was probably that the two men were relating what they saw from images, sights, and sounds that were remotely projected into their minds by whatever source. Keel claimed that there was no distinction between UFO’s, apparitions, the paranormal, or many of the legendary hauntings around the world. In fact, he believed that like a broken record that kept repeating itself, there was a phenomenon present on earth since the beginning of time that coincided with mankind, and had been playing games with the human mind. This strange form of intelligence had been responsible for creating messiahs like John Smith of the Mormons or Mohammed of the Islamic faith appearing to them as an angel of light and striking them down. After his investigation of the Mothman prior to the collapse of the Silver Bridge at Point Pleasant, John A. Keel was convinced all unexplained sightings were part of this “Broken Record in the Sky”.

Image result for John A. Keel

A fate of calamity

Keel also noted that there was a very real and very tragic tendency for all contacted by this strange phenomenon to be afflicted by tragedy. The UFO contactees such as George Adamsky and George Van Tassel, those claiming contact with beings from planets such as Venus developed large followings. The flying saucer craze was, as John Keel described, merely another misleading series of hoaxes perpetrated by the “Broken Record in the Sky”. Yet, as he pointed out, since the time of Caesar these types of seemingly magical contacts with other worldly beings have both captivated mankind and even led to the untimely misfortune of those who have been contacted and “Illuminated” as many described themselves. John A. Keel after years of investigating the rabbit hole advised his readers not to get involved in any of it.

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A Few Moments of Bliss

November 24, 2021

A Few Moments of Bliss

Seems just like yesterday that you walked out that door
Yet, here I am wondering if I could have done more
The persistence of memory is a double edged sword
Time never stands still it’s a luxury we can’t afford,

It’s all left me asking just what is life for?
I’m finding forgiveness is harder then ever before
What is life sometimes but one long continuous chore?
Wish I could buy a time machine at the local store,

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Hey there Mister could you help me with this?
Tell me where I might find a few moments of bliss
Maybe a trustworthy woman that I could kiss
Anything’s better than staring down into the abyss,

They say everything comes back to you
All those deeds that you do
She took everything from me but a sky of blue
I don’t recall leaving anyone and that much is true,

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Sometimes I feel like a lost little lad
Desperately searching for my Mom and Dad
Because oh Lord she took everything I had
Now I see why some people are driven quite mad,

Despite all this I know I must move on
Despite the fact that all I worked for is gone
If there’s a moral here than please pass it on
Perhaps it’s time for me to see the Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

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Can’t Ignore Your Seductive Song

November 24, 2021
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Can’t  Ignore Your Seductive Song

Submerged deep and I’m not coming up for air
Learned a long time ago life isn’t fair
This time I’m going down deep
Tired of all the nights I lose sleep,

There’s something more to this painful life
Aside from the joy, the hunger, and strife
Mom you never told me that girls play for keeps
The man can’t make enough money and she’s just cheap,

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I’ve found trust is just an illusion
Something that might help you avoid a contusion
And all you are is a victim of her wrath
You were too busy stuck on the rosey path,

Learning about love so young in the backseat of a car
Soon you find that this won’t get you far
Then I found meaning behind the nothern star
Found I could almost shed all my mental scars,

So when is the next big disappointment?
Just another wound to treat with ointment
Got to make it to the marriage counselor’s appointment
Once again abandoned by my Queen’s anointment,

It’s strange when it seems life is about going down in flames
Then you’re supposed to just get back up just the same
Some of them self destruct when they encounter fame
Too many never realize they’re playing the lobotomy game,

Marveling at what I thought life was supposed to be
Truth and love that was surely to be the key
Seems like fate just stole it away from me
I launched my boat and the perfect storm awaited me,

Lorelie waiting for me singing her songs
The seductive siren for which I longed
The illusion was two pronged
While the current that grabbed me too strong,

My love oh my love where have you gone?
No good to a dead man but we all move on
Reaching as we are for that myth all along
Lorelie I cannot ignore your seductive song.

Femme fatale vs. femme vitale — Greystone Theological Institute

What is Owed to Kyle Rittenhaus due to Malice of Defamation?

November 23, 2021
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When Kyle Rittenhaus entered Kenosha streets rife with rioters from BLM, ANTIFA, and other hired agitators for the Democrats little did he know that he would become a victim himself even armed with his AR-15. Little do most people know that ANTIFA and BLM have specific tactical training for their people. Everything from reconnaissance and military type movements to how to incite people into supporting violence. They practice it on the streets of Democrat run cities as well as on the campus of many a college in America as they seek to brainwash and recruit young adults into becoming America hating radicals who support the destruction of the US Constitution.

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Prosecutorial misconduct

After legally defending himself from a near miss with death at the hands of three ANTIFA thugs and voluntarily surrendering to police, Rittenhaus faced the determined propaganda of the US media and Democrat Party agenda. They were out to defame his character by defining him as a young “White Supremacist” an assassin and an illegal gun owner. The 17-year-old faced life in prison at the very minimum by a prosecutor who was not fazed by the facts, not fazed by the camera footage that proved he was defending himself legally, that Rittenhaus was not there looking for trouble or for an excuse to shoot someone, even though his ANTIFA counterparts were!

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FBI incompetence

From the very beginning it appeared that the lies of the left were going to remove all reason and the due course of justice from the trial when the FBI declared that the drone thermal imaging they possessed of the riot had somehow been lost. Oh really? And just think our fumbling FBI is in charge of its largest investigation in history over the rioting on Capitol Hill on January 6th? Many have suggested that the FBI is so deeply corrupt that they as an agency should be abolished and their job given to the US Marshalls. According to witnesses two FBI agents in disguise were following the thugs who tried to murder Kyle Rittenhaus egging them on to target the AR-15 armed 17-year-old.

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Listen carefully Joe

When interviewed on the Tucker Carlson, FOX, show, Rittenhaus calmly stated that President Biden should have followed the proceedings and the facts before publicly stating that Kyle was a “White Supremacist” and that he (Rittenhaus) had been defamed with malice by the Joe the dementia poster boy. Was that an opening legal shot? According to Dan Bongino, former Secret Service Agent and conservative talk radio host, that precise legal terminology was more than accidental, Kyle has probably already spoken to a legal advisor and not only Joe Biden, but a host of leftist news reporters, if you want to call them that, has already committed defamation over their portrayal of Kyle Rittenhaus in all this. What’s more? Can the President be sued legally for defamation of character? Well, one might recall Bill Clinton in the mid 90’s being charged by the courts with defamation of the character of Paula Jones, one of the many women Bill sexually harassed. So, hey, hey, Joe, what are you doing with that defamation coming out of your mouth?

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During the Obama term one might recall Laura Ingraham calling upon the biased sold out mainstream media to “Do your job!” While they sat across from her on Capitol Hill practically hissing at her. Today the new narrative is, when it comes to the press, “you have just one job! Get the facts straight!“ Because during the Rittenhaus case they intentionally misrepresented the truth time and time again! Does Kyle have millions to look forward to in damages? Yes, sir! One thing I would advise all the schmucks on CNN, MSNBC, CBS. NBC, ABC, and CNBC who defamed Kyle? Lawyer up! You deserve it!

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A Looming War With China How Will the US Respond Part II

November 22, 2021
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In a previous article we discussed all of the complexities of a military conflict with China and its growing pressure on the entire region of the South China Sea and all former US trading partners of the former “Gold Coast”. There are several factors that may force a confrontation due to the posturing of the Chinese and revelations about their plans to ultimately take the US down and occupy our very own soil with their population!

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One must comprehend the Chinese perspective after 70 years of Communist rule and why Xi Jinping has taken on more and more of an adversarial stance. The hardcore stance of the Communist Political doctrine will simply not allow for the kind of individual freedoms and liberty enjoyed by Americans as this promotes greater dissatisfaction among the populace as the government cracks down and fails its people economically. Ruling from fear and intimidation is a far simpler goal for such a mentality to achieve.

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Rescuing your nemesis?

On the brink of total collapse before 2001, America let Communist China off the hook again and as the Clinton Administration allowed the Chinese into the World Trade Organization which saved that nation from social and economic implosion, but what did America get out of the deal? Did we get trade partner or did we create a monster of our own making? We now know through the uncovering of intelligence on the ultimate intentions of the Chinese that not only world domination is on their dashboard, but so is the destruction of America not only economically but militarily! That they intend to continue unleashing weaponized pathogens against the US to achieve weakening of our society along with the anticipated overreach of our government and employers to further foul the US economy as part of their plan.

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Anything but Mincing words

According to Gordon Chang who has written such books as the “The Coming Collapse of China 2002 version” “The Coming Collapse of China 2012 version” and “The China Threat 2.45 Briefing” we get a disturbing view of the hostile designs of a Chinese Communist government determined to rule the world by any means possible, and they have already been making threats against all US allies in their vicinity. Even Nazi Germany prior to World War II was more subtle than the Chinese have been. The mistaken assumption that mutual trade dependency would stave off any ambitions for war is apparently incorrect and perhaps even fatal for the US should this flawed belief continue to blind America over a. perhaps, inevitable outcome.

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A traitor in plain sight?

Take into consideration that the Biden family has been conducting business with the Communist Chinese to the tune of millions, and we can see that not only a major conflict of interest is involved, but also the equivalent of having a Manchurian candidate in the Oval Office willing to do the bidding of his true masters should the matter of a Taiwan invasion take place. China has already thoroughly infiltrated Hollywood, Congress, and even the US defense industry who has grown fond of the money they have made. It may be a foregone conclusion that as the former General of Australia predicts that a state of war will exist within 3 to 10 years should the Chinese continue on their present aggressive course. One thing is for sure, to allow a smoldering fire to go unextinguished is not going to solve the growing tensions. What we do know from the past is that there is only one thing our enemies understand and that is force and the willingness to use it. Ironically, it in itself is the peace maker.

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