Thanksgiving Blues

November 22, 2019

Thanksgiving Blues

Black stockings made of fish net
Little Darling don’t you fret
Taking another trip down the road of regret
Buying children school clothes at the shopping outlet,

Lord, I didn’t anticipate being alone
No calls coming in on the telephone
All those expressions cold as stone
If I could borrow love I’d take out a loan,

Sky is gray the street wet with rain
Were all my life’s efforts in vain?
All this could drive a good man insane
Right now I’d even settle for plain Jane,

The window glass misty with my breath
Is this really a type of living death?
There’s another name for Satan and that’s Seth
Where is she when you need her Lady Macbeth?

Misery, it seems is my only friend
There’s more uncertainty just around the next bend
Sometimes a man’s heart can never mend
Perhaps I’m just getting closer to the end,

Standing on the sidewalk watching life pass me by
They call it self-pity they’re all so steel eyed
If they’d been through the same thing as I
They’d simply moan, give up, and cry,

God look down upon this pathetic man
You knew what was to happen then what was the plan?
If I would have known I would have ran
No guests for Thanks Giving no holiday ham.

Another Near Miss

September 23, 2019

Another Near Miss

You just had to have an affair so you could be free
You forced me down on bended knee
Oh Lord how could this be?
My last trip to sanctuary,

I’m not complaining anymore
The past leaves a scar that is still so sore
When you did that I knew we were never more
It’s just that I feel so hollow at the core,

Life brings us all this change
It’s our job to adapt and rearrange
But when existence becomes too strange
When life becomes a prisoner exchange,

You find just how expendable we all are
All of us behind invisible bars
As Fathers as wives as children no stars
On a hot summer’s day like a dog in a car,

We all have unique observations on life
It will carve you up just like a knife
And just when you think you’ve overcome the strife
Do you really want to risk having another wife?

Home wreckers rationalize with blame
They have no problem forgetting your name
Walking out on you it’s all the same
We can never go back from where we came,

I never really knew you I know now
Listened to your drivel like a sacred cow
Dealt with your acid tongue like a leopard’s growl
Now I live life stuck like a rusted plow,

On the world’s stage I’ve taken my bow
Yet, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel
At those rare social occasions, I merely prowl
But deep inside I want to let out a werewolves howl,

With some solace within the Lord’s prayer
Sometimes I’ll admit to the thousand-yard stare
A desperate animal caught and trapped in a snare
Should I chew off my leg and leave it there?

Oh tell me Dear did you ever really care?
Could there be intelligent life anywhere?
Instead of just kicking this old gray mare
Another near miss what a scare.

Could Andrew Breitbart’s Death Been An Assassination?

March 12, 2012

Could Andrew Breitbart’s Death Been An Assassination?

In the wake of the unlikely death of successful and talented publisher and commentator, Andrew BreitImagebart we are not only saddened but intrigued by his untimely passing. A 43 year old California publishing millionaire collapses in front of his home, dying shortly after. Yes, this is an unfortunate reality of our fast paced world of stress and pressured living, Breitbart was an acknowledged political opponent of Barack Obama. Some have speculated at his anger being responsible for causing a heart problem that could have led to a sudden and fatal episode.

However, there is more to this tragic puzzle than meets the eye. In his political battle against the President’s radical push to transform American society into Obama’s socialistic vision. Andrew Breitbart posed maybe too great a threat to the career of Barack Hussein Obama. It was announced here recently that not only did Breitbart acquire home movies containing damaging information about President Obama’s radical affiliations with known subversives, but that he would use this material to force Obama to have to requalify himself as being eligible to hold the office of the presidency all over again. There would be no automatic vetting of the President by state election boards once the controversy had been fully revealed on film.

Breitbart’s expose’ would also shed light on the fact that news organizations and educators who sympathize with the leftist cause in America had hidden this film footage or severely edited the content so as not to reveal its true convicting essence. Breitbart, said that he would vet President Obama in 2012 under the revelation of the videos he had acquired, Andrew promised a new and powerful weapon against the chances of a successful re-election campaign. It was clear that Andrew Breitbart was more than hinting at the Kryptonite he had in store for an incumbent president seeking another term.

Among a long list of known radicals such as William Ayers, a convicted domestic terrorist, Bernadine Dohrn, his wife and coconspirator, Louis Farrakhan, a known radical leftist hate monger, were others who participated in Obama’s developing career. As allegations grew and political pressures threatened to obstruct his ambitions, Obama used his most well known tactic of disassociating himself from those in his past. Although this stretched his credibility and shed obvious doubt upon himself, Obama continued to deny his past involvement with many of these radical and even criminal elements such as Tony Rezko.

Through these videos of young Barack Obama’s college days, Andrew Breitbart planned to reveal all the rabid and fanatical subversives that the President spent time with and rallied around in his formative years. Yet, for reasons of political expediency, Obama had abruptly severed ties with these personalities once criticism arose to conceal the truth.

With Breitbart’s exposure of the President’s radical ties the American people could finally have proof of Obama’s influences who publicly expressed their hatred for America, their contempt for our capitalistic society, as well as their hostility toward white people. Of course, this was not only something President Obama would not want potential voters to see, but a side of his ideological development that defined who he really was, and how that dictated just why his policies tended to diminish traditional American interests. It answered all to well just why it was that President Obama has conducted a campaign of weakening this nation with his counterproductive directives.

For example, one film clip shows Professor Derrick Bell embracing young Barack Obama in 1991 during a political event. Bell, a radical Harvard Professor, advocated harassing white people. Professor Bell charged that the US justice system was inherently prejudiced toward black Americans. Derrick Bell made well known his anti-Semitism toward Jews. A radical mentor of Obama’s, Richard Ogletree, admitted to hiding this piece of film footage during the 2008 election campaign for obvious reasons. It is this kind of political manipulation that begins to uncover a conspiracy to black out the troubled past of Barack Hussein Obama. Revealing these facts could upset the carefully molded image created for the public by Barack Obama’s handlers, and change the course of events to come!

The only limit to the shock factor of an assassination is the clandestined act of killing a key political figure itself. Either the true assassin and the reason for that deed can be made public or not. The reason, who was behind it, the method used to kill, and even the political rationale for such a bold and brutal act can remain a well kept mystery if the factions responsible so deem it to be necessary.

Over the decades a multitude of individuals all over the world especially in America have been systematically exterminated with surgical precision and often very unclear motives. Political figures, enforcement agents, celebrities, UFO investigators, intelligence agents, armed forces personnel, and even journalists have suffered untimely deaths of questionable detail and circumstance. Assassinations are an art as well as a science. Over the last few decades with the help of science, they have become harder and harder to identify due to the disguised method, or the Machiavellian situation that was arranged in order to insure a swift and efficient kill with few if any clues left as to the perpetrators of the evil act.

By the 1960’s the CIA and KGB had perfected many subtle and ingenious ways of causing a swift and hard to determine form of death. By 1962 the CIA was able to introduce cancer as a covert manner of killing a target without drawing suspicion to who and why. CIA laboratories devised methods of toxin delivery that made detection of the cause of death almost impossible.

In 1975 during the Church Committee, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona interrogated a CIA director who exhibited a hand gun capable of delivering a high speed frozen dart composed of a frozen toxin. The dart would enter the target’s body like any other bullet or projectile and melt as it delivered the fatal dose of poison into the circulatory system leaving only a small reddened area where it had pierced the skin. It would be almost undetectable, especially if a coroner had not been briefed to look for this subtle indicator.

Another innovative form of inducing a covert form of heart attack in a social setting was a cigar that was invented by the Soviet KGB that when lit and casually brought within close proximity of the target would induce a sudden cardiac arrest from the vapor emitted. The agent would merely approach the victim, light the cigar in a relaxed manner, and lean with one hand against the shoulder of the target, cigar in that hand, in a seemingly friendly gesture. The smoke from the cigar, laced with a fast acting airborne chemical would induce the desired rapid death from apparent natural causes.

Was Andrew Breitbart the target of an assassin’s frozen killer dart, delivered by the expert aim of an operative brandishing a pistol designed to propel that deadly projectile? Was Breitbart struck by a fast acting neurotoxin that paralyzed his heart muscle and simulated what appeared to be a classic massive cardiac arrest? Was the unfortunate and untimely death by natural causes being conveniently determined by an unsuspecting coroner, and becoming the inordinate epitaph of an angry opponent of President Obama? Is this the way the compliant leftist main stream media would obediently report the story in response to a deadly event that occurred under suspect timing in conjunction with the release of damaging evidence that was to be presented against President Obama? Does this seem to be a bit too accusatory, or is it simply too coincidental to ignore?

Let me remind you that ever since the horrific assassination of President John F. Kennedy
In 1963, the business of well coordinated and often high tech assassinations has become more and more prevalent as an expedient method of eviscerating threats. Almost every assassination of a leading political figure from Robert Kennedy to Martin Luther King has been fraught with conspiracy allegations. However, that leaves a long list of people who have suffered very untimely deaths that seemed to be from natural causes, yet are unexplainably attributed to those seemingly too young to have been candidates for deaths by natural causes. Many of these people were in a controversial situation and they posed a threat to an opposing faction either intentionally or simply by the weight of the evidence their investigations had uncovered.

A reminder of the CIA’s use of cancer to cause the demise of targeted subjects would be Jack Ruby, the man who gunned down the alleged assassin of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald. Killing Oswald with a hand gun in front of national TV counters in the parking garage of the Dallas Court House, Ruby pleaded with authorities to be taken to Washington DC where he would expose the whole plot to kill President Kennedy. Jack Ruby’s pleas fell on deaf ears and he would later die in a Dallas jail cell from a form of cancer. Was that just a coincidence? Was that the product of a CIA medical laboratory? Perhaps its just another meaningless conspiracy theory. Funny how more and more of these inexplicable events take place these days whenever it seems the exposure of damaging evidence is eminent.

Who Is The True Master That President Obama Serves

January 19, 2012

President Obama answers to another power besides the people of America

With the announcement today of President Obama’s rejection of TransCanada’s proposal for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, we are seeing nothing more than environmental terrorism. America in need of jobs and economic stimulus instead must suffer another setback due to the supposed concerns over ecological impact of an oil pipeline that has been proposed for years as a result of the great tar sands discovery in Alberta, Canada and even parts of US northern territory. Regardless of the potential benefits to American workers, employers, tax jurisdictions, and suppliers, President Obama has made another partisan move with a political angle that eclipses logic and economic sense.

The use of environmental concerns to stifle political opposition that comes up with better solutions and makes the Obama administration look bad is a blemish that the Obama administration is unwilling to accept. So, better to kill a wonderful opportunity for  strategically located energy at cheaper prices that is brought in by American workers and their Canadian counterparts, than suffer humiliation that would be short-lived amongst the praises of supporting such a beneficial shot in the arm for the American economy. President Obama would rather kill the deal under the false pretense of State department procedure and review.

This short sighted stubbornness and rigid ideological indifference can only indicate that our President serves another master, and that master is not the American people. In essence, Obama is holding the US hostage to his ultimate goal of undermining American energy independence through ambiguous legislation and the heavy handed regulation of the EPA which has already shut down many offshore drilling operations in the Gulf. The Keystone XL Pipeline is a wonderful opportunity to attain multiple goals at the same time. Few times in history is our great nation treated to such promising prospects that address so many needs at once, economic, job creation, tax revenues, secured energy resources, and positive trade relations with our neighbor, Canada. Yet, our President sees fit to obstruct this chance to reinvigorate the US economy.

Let’s talk about which masters President Obama is really serving here in the midst of this controversial decision. There’s China. They need oil to meet their growing consumption. China’s growing disenchantment with the US economy and its impact on the billions in Federal Treasury notes held by the Asian super power puts a great deal of leverage in their hands. If China were to dump the hundreds of billions in US Treasury notes onto the world market, the US dollar would experience a crisis. Is Obama going to allow the tar sands oil resource from Alberta be negotiated instead to the Chinese as Obama stages his mock environmental concerns? Will Obama wait to score political points with his supporters by waiting until a future crucial point to pull the Keystone XL Pipeline out of his hat and approve it then?

Or does President Obama have yet another unseen master who is pulling the puppet strings from the shadows and dictating a more sinister motive in withholding energy independence and job prospects from the American economy? That master is the New World Order, those rich families who control the Federal Reserve System; pull the strings at the United Nations, and influence the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) whom most political figures, corporate leaders, and mainstream US media journalists are members. It is to the best interests of the New World Order to keep America in decline as this nation serves as a political contradiction to the failures of socialist regimes all over the globe. Socialism is the tool that the New World Order wants to use in order to keep all nations citizens on an equal but impoverished playing field.

The shadow government is using class warfare within the US now as it pits the affluent against those who no longer have jobs or careers thanks to government sanctioned legislation that has killed jobs and forced American corporations to relocate overseas. How convenient to use class warfare while the overburdening taxation it takes to pay the Federal Reserve for printing the worthless, fiat, US currency that deflates as the US economy declines from unemployment caused by Federal Reserve backed policy.

Do you really think this is some convoluted conspiracy theory? Think again. Why does the US government continue to draft policies that only restrict US potential, take away our freedoms, violated the US Constitution, and stifle the individual? Why is public education getting worse while being infected with radical political content, sex, and even homosexual lifestyle classes? Why are failing minorities allowed to cause over all standards and minimum requirements to drop rather than the system doing a better job of educating them?

Why is Communist influence being tolerated in our society and government? 80 members of Congress are registered in the American Communist Party. Why are our courts forcing state governments like Oklahoma to accept Sharia Law when it is unconstitutional for foreign treaties to trump US Constitutional law? Why was Proposition 8 in California overturned when more than 7 million state citizens voted against it? Why does the Obama administration refuse to protect our international borders with Mexico, allow drug cartels to freely enter our country, and offer free government services to illegal aliens while suing the states for enforcing federal law?

This is the subterfuge causing chaos and confusion within our nation. America is under a takeover, and the people can’t see the truth because they are bound by the right and left paradigm created by the shadow world government to distract us from what really is going on. How can President Obama possibly justify withholding cheap and secure energy from his nation, not to mention the jobs and tax revenues that go with it? The answer is, as the President holds America hostage, he is answering to his true allegiance and his true masters of the New World Order.

A Bachelor’s Silent Night

December 9, 2019

No photo description available.

A Bachelor’s Silent Night

Silent night a single man’s fright
All is calm no solution to his plight
The ghost of a virgin never reconciled
A prisoner of emotions no longer so bright,

Sleep despite all those bad dreams-eams
Sleep despite all those bad dreams,

Silent night a marriage that’s not right
All seems calm but my throat is tight
Spirit of heartache closes in on this night
Trying to hold back tears with all of my might,

Sleep despite all those bad dreams-eams
Sleep despite all those bad dreams,

Silent night no answers in sight
No way to escape this endless night
Phantoms of regret just tug at my sleeve
Wondering why my woman chose to leave,

Sleep despite all those bad dreams-eams
Sleep despite all those bad dreams,

Silent night might as well fly a kite
I’ve become a stranger to delight
On this lonely but holy night
From all of my family not one invite,

Sleep despite those bad dreams-eams
Sleep despite all those bad dreams
Christmas is not all that it seems-eems
Thank God if you still have your dreams.

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No photo description available.

US Well Forewarned About Pearl Harbor Attack

December 7, 2019


December 7. 1941 with a force of more than 350 carrier-based high-level bombers, torpedo planes, and Japanese Zero Fighters, the Imperial Japanese Navy launched an early morning surprise attack that caught the US Navy and Army Air Corps completely off guard. A planned 3 stage attack only needed 2 waves to achieve one of the most astonishing military operations in the history of war. How could such a staggering defeat have been allowed by US Naval command? Amazingly there were serious warnings from leading military authorities that were disregarded many years before World War II fell upon Pearl Harbor on a clear morning and a seemingly uneventful Sunday.

Future of things to come

The year is 1926.  Major General, Billy Mitchell, has been court-martialed for advocating aerial attack as the ultimate warfare to conduct against surface warships. Allowed to test his results against mothballed heavy tonnage old battleships he proves decisively that airpower will win the day at sea. This will also lead to the obsolescence of the mighty battleship, a message that the old guard of aging admirals will not accept. However, the message is clear, huge surface warships days are numbered. Mitchell admits to people around him that he often has nightmares of Pearl Harbor being successfully attacked by forces of Japan, but no one takes his intuition seriously. Like most visionaries, Billy Mitchell will suffer the consequences of a backlash from those who are unconcerned with the truth!

Proven vulnerability

The date is February 7, 1932. American military leadership is aware that tensions between Japan and the US are building and soon theoretical plans for war are being drawn up though no one thinks the Japanese would have the audacity to hit Pearl. A mock-up attack is orchestrated by the Navy to study the vulnerability of Pearl Harbor. Launching just 150 aircraft from 2 different carriers, Rear Admiral Harry E. Yarnell, some startling similarities emerge over the tactics deployed between the US Navy and the exact Japanese attack plan prescribed by Admiral Yamamoto 9 years later.

Uncanny similarity

Rear Admiral Yarnell chooses early Sunday morning just as the Japanese did in 1941. Yarnell directs his command to attack all airfields on Oahu first to interdict any reprisals from fighter aircraft parked on the tarmac as several fields used by the US Army Air Corps and US Marines. Not only is the surprise attack effective but this is the same strategy used by the Japanese carrier-launched planes in 1941. The admiralty stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the success of Rear Admiral Yarnell’s aerial success despite the effectiveness of his tactics. For years the US Navy thinks that the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor would hinder the airborne launch of torpedoes that could hit below the iron reinforced belt just below the surface of the water that protects the big battleships from shallow torpedo strikes.

Harbinger of coming disaster

The date is November 11, 1940. The Italian fleet will be the unwitting victim of a surprise attack by the British. The Italian Navy possesses only 6 battleships, and a number of cruisers with accompanying destroyers. Taranto Harbor is protected by hundreds of machine guns and anti-aircraft artillery so a head on daytime attack is not an acceptable risk, but there is another approach. With aerial barrage balloons and torpedo nets alongside the Italian capital ships it appears they are well protected. The shallow waters of Taranto Harbor present a logistical problem for conventional torpedo tactics. The British have only an obsolete carried launched bomber to carry out a surprise attack. The Fairey Swordfish bi-plane will be the aircraft of choice but even though it can carry torpedoes, flares, and aerial bombs attacking a well defended harbor at 150-foot height and operating at low speeds could be a disastrous strategy so a night operation is planned.

The mission

The Italians pose a threat to Mediterranean and North Africa supply routes to the much larger British fleet so knocking out the Italian Navy at Taranto is a necessity. The original plan is for 36 aircraft launched from 2 carriers in a first and second wave is proposed, but one of the carriers suffers damage and the British are forced to go ahead with one ship and just 21 planes. That night the Fairey Swordfish bombers launch from the decks in 2 waves. The first with only 12 aircraft carrying bombs and flares and the second wave ready to launch their torpedoes since the flares will guide them.  The British do have a trick up their sleeve. A duplex pistol trigger that allowed torpedoes to detonate simply from the magnetic location of the ship’s hull without striking it. The British torpedoes were able to cruise underneath the torpedo nets and explode from underneath the Italian warships. Three battleships were sunk along with several cruisers and destroyers with the loss of only 2 Swordfish planes! Despite heavy anti-aircraft fire the British achieved excellent results with obsolete planes.

Sacred information

The Japanese military intelligence in Berlin ordered an officer to inspect the damage at Taranto from the raid. He was later questioned by Mitsuo Fuchida, who would command the first wave of carrier planes that would later devastate Pearl Harbor a year later. Were the Japanese impressed by the possibility of such carrier attacks deployed by modern attack aircraft and more advanced carriers? It seems to be a given since this was valuable information. A report from the British on the success of the attack eventually found its way to the desk of Admiral Stark in Washington DC. There was the proof that an air raid on Pearl Harbor could succeed even though it was a shallow port. Were Admiral Kimmel or Major Short notified of these developments? No. Why, we can only speculate.


What did the US Navy do in preparation for potential war with Japan? Apparently, nothing that was effective. They did find out that a major task force had left Japanese waters but were unable to find it due to the irregular course that was chosen as the fleet neared the Aleutians near Alaska before heading south toward Oahu days later. Sea planes were launched during the day patrolling all around Hawaiian waters but never located the oncoming Japanese carrier force. What did the airfields adopt as a defensive procedure? Thinking that sabotage was the main threat the P-40’s, p-36’s, and B-17’s were clustered together which only made strafing and bombing that much easier for the Japanese Zeroes as they came in at tree top level with their machine guns and cannons blazing. Almost all military airfields on Oahu were rendered into burning metal funeral pyres of men and material.

Blame game

There were 9 official investigations as to who was responsible for Pearl Harbor tragedy. Who had let their guard down and failed to have anticipated? Major Short, responsible for guarding the airfields, and Admiral Kimmel endured endless interrogations, took the brunt of the blame, and were both demoted as a result. Both were never made fully aware of the situation and had no knowledge of the successful raid by the British at Taranto. Apparently, Admiral Stark was never questioned.

Restored honor

Years later in 1995 a new commission to study the events at Pearl Harbor found the two high ranking officers were neither negligent of their duty or responsible for the success of the sneak attack that claimed more than 2400 lives, 328 Navy and Army Air Corps war planes damaged or destroyed, 6 battleships damaged, 2 of which destroyed, and 4 auxiliary ships destroyed. Admiral Kimmel and Major Short had their ranks restored posthumously and were exonerated.

What could have been

The irony was that before the Japanese attack even started US Naval radar had spotted the first wave of aircraft bearing down on Pearl but mistook them for a flight of B-17’s scheduled to land for servicing. The first attack actually came from the USS Ward, a destroyer, who detected a midget sub and opened fire with a 5-inch gun that knocked out the Japanese vessel. This happened an hour before the main body of attacking aircraft arrived. Why Admiral Kimmel did not receive this report until the main attack was well underway is an example of communication channels that were extremely inefficient. It is said that Admiral Kimmel came out of his headquarter offices, saw the smoke and devastation, and immediately reached up and ripped his chevrons from the shoulders of his uniform in humiliation! For all the devastation on Pearl, the Japanese lost only 29 aircraft, five mini-subs, and 129 troops.

Final thought

Failure to locate the three major aircraft carriers who were out in the Pacific and unreachable would come to haunt the Japanese at the battle of the Coral Sea and Midway just months after that fateful day of December 7, 1941 when Japan caught the US Navy off guard and unprepared for the consequences of their complacency. Pearl Harbor will forever remain a regrettable page in US history that cost the lives of men who had no idea that on a calm Sunday morning war had come looming down upon them! Vengeance would soon rain down mercilessly upon the Japanese.

The Persistence of the Big Lie

December 6, 2019


In America we have many privileges known as rights both inalienable and as sovereign individuals existing under the protection against even our own government’s tyranny should the complexion of our nation ever change. Our Founding Fathers foresaw a day when the federal government would become so corrupt and power hungry that even a president could be impeached due to partisan politics. But, we have another dilemma that continues to haunt the Constitutional Republic, and no matter how many times the “Big Lie” is defeated still it returns.

Targets of the lie

The Big Lie is constantly resurrected by the Democrats, the left, the foreign nations that want to see America burn, and the donors willing spend billions in propaganda, front groups, biased news coverage, and social media disinformation. Yet, they will not stop there as now America has sunken to the level of third world banana republics who will resort to assassination in order to ensure that the desired establishment politician will be seemingly elected into office but let us take a look at a long list of those who have been liquidated for leaking the truth to the public, running for office against the Deep State, or daring to oppose the well-funded establishment supported incumbent.

Bloody list

People like Seth Rich, Michael Hastings, the Kennedy’s, and many others who have run afoul of the Big Lie are a testament to the persistence of America’s enemies from without and from within who will never cease to take down the only nation on the face of the earth with a Bill of Rights, free elections, free press, and an unmatched capitalistic environment that allows everyone the opportunity to seek prosperity with education, excellent work ethic, and the desire to succeed. No other nation comes close to providing less hindrance to those who seek a better way of life by improving themselves and their status in life. However, the Big Lie is ever present constantly used by the Communists, the collectivists, the statists, the socialists, the progressives, and radical Islam  because they know that America success and prestige makes them look impotent and reveals exactly who they are to those who are enlightened and seeking to break free of the bonds of tyrannical governments.

Party of corruption

What happened to the Democrat Party? When did they decide that being in power at all costs took precedent over doing what was right for the people they supposedly were to look out for? Perhaps never. With a century long opposition to civil rights legislation alone, Democrats have been the party of obstructionism as well as high taxes, more regulations, and a doctrine of ruthless disinformation to attain their goals. Even by the early 1900’s before World War I they were colluding with the Bolsheviks who had just torn Russia apart in a long bloody revolution. The Democrats promoted labor unions, sea front unions, the AFLCIO, and many other socialist workers organizations that quickly react with violence whenever their contracts are being negotiated and their management breaks off deadlines. Ask yourself why the America car is so outrageously expensive today, why goods that have to be transported are slapped with additional costs, why the construction of civil engineering projects are not only noncompetitive in price, but rarely come in on time and at or below budget.

Monetarily taken hostage

In 1986 President Ronald Reagan ordered a study of income tax and its relationship to funding of the federal government under the auspices of the Grace Commission. What was shocking was that there seemed no budgetary consideration at all between income tax funding and the outflow of government expenditures! Congress merely composed an annual budget each year, presented to the Secretary of the Treasury, and then once signed into approval the Federal Reserve, a cabal of private European banking families, not owned or restricted by the US government or the American people, would create credit out of thin air that would be converted into paper money known as Federal Reserve Notes, paper money without value. This fiat currency was, in reality, an instrument of debt, not worth.

Insatiable appetite of the machine

The billions of dollars of national debt and Federal government deficit spending was collected by a terrorist arm of the Federal Reserve known as the IRS. The IRS, costing the US taxpayer billions each year to operate, confiscated taxes from the public simply to pay the interest that the Federal Reserve charged the US government lending for trillions in money created like magic from the computers of the European family cabal that masquerades as an arm of the government when, in reality, they are privately owned, and risk none of their capital in order to finance US federal government over spending and debt! This is one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated upon the American people in US history! Using word like “Tax Cheat” and “Tax Evader” are another example of how the Big Lie ridicules those who see through the illusion.

Defining evil systems

Another Big Lie that permeates our news, poisons the minds of our college students on campus, and seeks to force America on a level playing field with the Dictatorial regimes-societies held hostage by ruthless Communist thugs who ensure that their peasants will be poor, hungry, terrified of being imprisoned and tortured, while the state owns all rights to everything! A constant battle rages between the freedom of the individual to seek his own path to happiness and the big government advocates who arrogantly presume they know better than the masses and continually try to convince their people that they are inadequate and incapable of success without the heavy hand of the state dictating their lives, rationing productivity, redefining equality as shared poverty! Yet, one important tactic of the Big Lie perpetrators is to infect public education with ignorance, to discourage history lessons, to portray the failed ideologies of the past with glory and success when the exact opposite is true!

Persistent hatred of abundance

American history though largely successful and allowing the people to seek their own betterment is still plagued by its international enemies as well as those from within, “the Useful Idiots” who would aid and abet the destruction of their very own society because they have been indoctrinated by their own public educational system as defected former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov, who  proclaimed over and over again as he lectured throughout America, that the infiltration of the teaching institutions was paramount to persuading the public to accept the unacceptable!

Persecution of a hero

Today, we now see the implementation of the Big Lie all over again as the Democrat Party has waged war for three years against President Donald Trump, because the fix was in, Hillary Clinton was the handpicked candidate of the Deep State, and was supposed to win. Even if it appeared she had lost, the Democrat propaganda machine and corps of corrupt bureaucrats were ready with Plan B, the insurance plan discussed by FBI officials Peter Strzrok and Lisa Page. They would conspire to overthrow a sitting president with false evidence, the compliance of the news media continually broadcasting unfounded opinion, and the false testimony of establishment officials from state department and intelligence agencies, holdovers from the previous Obama Administration, who would knowingly deceive the public.


The Big Lie would allow collusion by foreign sources, expose classified documents, weaken our military, interfere in the elections of other nations to keep the international community of socialism alive and well, yet would accuse President Trump of the very things they had been doing for the previous 8 years under the Obama White House! The very strategy extracted from the Communist Manifesto authored by Karl Marx, accuse your enemies of exactly what you’re doing, if you cannot out debate them than attack them personally! But, none of it worked! Donald Trump was too independent of the Beltway, already successful not needing the under the table money used to enrich so many of the Democrat Senators and Congressman who come to Capitol Hill looking for wealth at the expense of the American people!

Legalistic overthrow

Impeachment, perhaps the biggest lie of all used as opposed to a bloody coup de tat that the Democrats might resort to if the American public were not so well informed about current events if the not the truth about the Democrats, the left, their donors, and the complicit press corps who refuse to report damaging facts or simply spin the truth into their own diatribe! We aa a nation are now in the most threatening posture ever. Even World War II could not have been more disastrous for the republic because then at least we knew who are enemies were! Now, the forces of evil have managed to confuse, distract, and recruit the unsuspecting into a war against the very country in which they live! Turning them against a President whose policies have led to the greatest prosperity of perhaps all time, less unemployment than in any time in history, energy production that now has the US out of the influence of foreign oil dependency, along with the biggest tax break ever, yet the Big Lie will demonize this man, this leader, this patriotic President!


The “Big Lie” was perfected by a Nazi. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of propaganda was instrumental in selling the German people on acceptance of policies of genocide, justifiable brutality, and a manifest destiny of military imperialism that might have eclipsed the world over had the Allies of the west not responded in time and with the proper might that it took in material and lives to stop the darkness of evil from converting the world into a prison planet! Yet, again and again, the Big Lie re-emerges over another false ideology ready to enslave the massed once more!


Odd and Bizarre News From the Past

December 5, 2019

The year is 1966 and among major developments in the world are the rare and obscure news items that the major networks refuse to carry or are forbidden from carrying by the US intelligence services. Just how pervasive is the US Security State at this time? At Fort Meade there are 18 acres of underground mainframe computers that monitor and record all telecommunications within or leaving the Continental United States while also keeping track of foreign military activity over international air space.

1966:  as reported from Miami in the local newspaper, a child wading along the beach spots something curious. An object apparently made of crystal such as a prism. When one peers into the odd glistening object they can see futuristic images like perhaps a documentary of things to come. Although the story is released to the public there is never a follow up and further inquiries into the story are stonewalled.

1966: A British aircrew flying an RAF bomber are taking ground footage for practice reconnaissance maneuvers. As their cameras roll they fly over a swatch of topography known as Loch Ness. An unknown 99 foot long object on the surface of the water is captured and later analyzed. Classified as unknown, the object is determined not to be a surface ship or submarine. Yet, no known whales are suspected to inhabit the Loch. Just one more “Nessy” encounter.

1966: The USS Thresher, the most advanced naval nuclear submarine in the world is launched on its maiden voyage in 1963 and while undergoing test dives is incapable of blowing its ballast tanks plunging into crush depth and imploding! In 1965 according to the World Book Encyclopedia the Thresher is found and lost again. Scientists once assumed that extremely deep waters below the ocean might remain static for centuries as well as water temperature at great depths, but losing an entire modern nuclear sub at 1300 to 2000 feet while other accounts put the depth of the sinking at 8000 feet of water indicating strong and very deep ocean currents. In 1966 the US Navy finally confirms a memorial site for the Thresher and its crew of 129 men lost in the depths 229 miles off the coast of Boston. The exact cause of the mishap will be controversial and not resolved for years.

Years later it will be revealed that the discovery of the wreck site of the Titanic by Bob Ballard was part of an ongoing US Naval search for other sunken nuclear sub sites in the Atlantic waters.

1967: The NSA maintains an active interest in the Atlantic waters south of Florida, in particular, the Cuban air space. As their powerful satellite and listening devices target the area a bizarre incident is captured. A shining sphere has violated Cuban air space and is moving fast toward the island. Two Russian built MIG-21 fighter jets are scrambled to identify who or what is approaching Cuba. Several attempts are made to raise the unknown aerial object by radio but there’s no response. When the senior officer with his wing man trailing arms his air to air missiles suddenly an explosion disintegrates his aircraft! His wing man, a junior officers is so horrified that his cries are recorded for several minutes after his commander disappears into flame and debris. The strange spherical objects exits the area at Mach plus velocity.

1967: With the Vietnam War in full swing the waters off the coast of Florida are under intense surveillance by radar guided anti-aircraft coastal batteries. These air defense emplacements have powerful targeting radar emitting micro wave radiation at fatal levels under certain conditions. While speaking with a former member of such a crew operating there that year at the UFO Crash Retrieval Convention in Las Vegas under the sponsorship of Ryan and Robert Woods, who was a design engineer for North American Aviation for 43 years, the intention was to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery and specialize in known and suspected crash sites of unknown objects.

The man I spoke with was retired military and an officer in an anti-aircraft battery when they detected an unknown aircraft with unusual flight characteristics. After several attempts to contact the aerial object they were prepared to fire. Suddenly, they are hit with a powerful wave of jamming frequencies that incapacitated their radar and communications radio. He told me there was no known device that was capable of blasting and shutting down their powerful targeting radar system. Who or what was responsible?

1974: A well-known science magazine carries an interesting article about a molecular transporting device capable of dematerializing a solid object and reassembling the object to a remote receiving station. The article claims that as futuristic as the concept seems and obviously there would be great use for such an apparatus, a short range prototype is already being tested! Yet, there is no follow up on such a fantastic device. A device just like the transporter on Star Trek.

1995: Ben Rich former head of Skunk Works for Lockheed Martin and considered to be the father of stealth design made some controversial statements shortly before his death that left many an investigator wondering if the cat was out of the bag when it came to top secret developments and UFO’s. “We now have the technology to take ET home,” was quoted saying. He also claimed at a speaking engagement that we now had the capability of doing anything that audiences have seen on Star Trek or Star Wars movies! Sadly, any further elaboration was lost on his dying breath. Were his statements death bed confessions? No one knows for sure.

1999: Over the radio a news flash is broadcast. A mysterious object suspected as being a meteor has landed near a small South American village. Apparently some of the local people have fallen ill from an unknown sickness they think emanates from the landing site or crater. Details are sketchy. An investigation team is on its way to the scene. No further news on that event!

I’m reminded of Doctor Lincoln La Paz, hired by the US Air Force to attempt tracking the flight path of Green Fireballs over New Mexico in 1948 under the assumption that they were celestial in nature such as meteorites or comets. La Paz did not come up with the conclusion the USAF expected. His findings indicated that the trajectory of the Green Fireballs were similar to manned aircraft!


So Handily

December 3, 2019

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So Handily

My little go getter with her rib spreader
Can remove your heart most efficiently
Whatever happened before she met me?
Seems like abuse within her family tree,

All alone at this stage of life
Cut out of circulation with a surgeon’s knife
Somehow I kind of miss the strife
Remembering being the social kind,

Today I’m out of sight and out of mind
Just another dead body a detective might find
With an estranged wife who had designs
Just one more victim with a case so well defined,

I’m just a fatalistic aviator in a cork screw dive
Even when I parachuted out I just didn’t feel alive
Introspection and no affection how bad can it be?
Leading to a man’s demise so inventively,

My Little Sugar there’s no doubt you’ve moved on
Looking forward to a brand new dawn
Let me bleed just a little longer then I’ll move along’
Like road kill on a hot day the smell gets pretty strong,

I remember those days in a curious haze
Just wondering how things went all wrong
Seems I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box
My Little Sugar just had me outfoxed,

Congratulations my little Raven it will all work out
Should have paid attention to my nagging doubts
Life seems a mystery just like a murky sea
Especially when love gets rid of you oh so handily.

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Your Secret Plans

December 3, 2019

Your Secret Plans

Oh my little Four Leaf Clover

You could have bowled me over

When you took up with that man

You always had your secret plans,

It seems your long term project

Was simply designed to reject

As they say, “Fire for effect.”

Is that a bitter tear that I detect?

My little Four Leaf Clover

You made sure that it was over

Seems like I fell from the White Cliffs of Dover

Just run me over with a Land Rover,

At least I’ll feel something new

Oh never mind I’m just feeling blue

Just one day I’m not thinking of you

When the heavens parted and boke in two,

It’s not so much you it’s all on me

My own chains won’t let me be

Sometimes I pray to the Lord to set me free

But for right now I’ll just drink my tea,

There’s a disease on this planet

It’s unstoppable damn it

It’s identified as infidelity

Everyone just wants to be free!

A Four Leaf Clover is supposed to be lucky

What the hell happened to me?

Might as well find a Mermaid fresh out of the sea

Better get a fishing rod and use it most liberally.

No Longer

December 2, 2019

No Longer

Is this God’s Green Earth or the only blue planet in the universe?

Is life eternal or does it end on a one way ticket in a hearse?

Is it just the depression you feel or could it get worse?

Is love really what you need or is just a mental thirst?

Often I ponder these questions with no suggestions

Confusion instead becomes this hollow companion

As if shadow could substitute illumination

As if love these days can ever overcome frustration,

As if taking off for a cruise on the ship of the damned

I ventured into the forbidden territory of love with a video cam

I could have been beauty but instead it was No Man’s Land

Marriage became no more than Custer’s Last Stand,

The answers I’ve sought in life only spawned more mystery

As I listened to your accounts of your jaded history

Your deepest darkest reasons not to be free

Those damning ways prevented us from loving joyfully,

Am I just a descended primate thinking philosophically?

Or just a servant of the architect of infinity?

A student of the unknown stretching into antiquity

Seems I’ve been exiled from divinity!

Remembering your singing voice as we wrestled on the sheets

This is where pleasure and emotional risk meet

You weren’t someone I picked up off the street

I was never the lion who pounced on easy meat.

I took a bite of reality and drank despair

Under the mistaken impression that you would care

It’s okay Baby I’m not sitting next to your chair

No longer the man running his hands through your hair.

Never Sure

December 2, 2019

Never Sure

I’m just a man but it seems I’m unclean

I’m drifting through life unseen

In search of my own personal Ice Queen

The special one who can freeze all my dreams,

I’ll stick to my post that’s where I’m wanted most

By my frigid Ice Queen

She’s the one that decides if she’ll give this man a ride

She’s my very own Ice Queen,

Life will go along with me wondering what’s wrong

With my self-righteous Ice Queen

She’ll snatch the joy from the day in her own way

That’s my controlling Ice Queen,

There’s no sanctuary here seems a bit queer

With my domineering Ice Queen

Can’t love like she should would she if she could?

She’s my very special Ice Queen,

Doesn’t trust anyone she’s always under the gun

Just my flirtatious Ice Queen

The flirts aren’t for me she wished she was free

Still she knows she’s my Ice Queen,

Put a feather in your cap if her anger doesn’t snap

She’s my eternal Ice Queen

Few moments are ever tender don’t defend her

She’s the one and only Ice Queen,

Once she told me I could lean before she got really mean

Forever my Ice Queen

Love was intended to endure but with her never sure

She’s my enigmatic Ice Queen.

The Horrid Illusion You Adore

December 2, 2019


The Horrid Illusion You Adore

Looking back looking back trying not to look back
It’s an attack an attack an attack from the past
Can’t help but wonder how long can I last
The pain comes and goes and hits rather fast,

Why is it always so easy for the ones who leave
Seems there’s little solace or reprieve
It’s so easy so easy so easy for them to leave
Those like me foolish enough to believe,

Now I’m peering through Pandora’s door
Behind it is the feckless angel whore
Once the thrill is gone sex is only a chore
How many others has she dragged down before?

It’s not just a matter of opening Pandora’s box
It’s what you unleash from the bloody rocks
It’s what lingers outside the deadbolts and locks
Beware of the late-night door knocks,

Still, I’m looking back looking back looking back
The past is always waiting to unleash another attack
I’m hiding behind this wall but it’s starting to crack
It was never really subtlety she lacked,

No way to get back when your life’s been hacked
You’re the quarterback who got blitzed and sacked
Will there be anyone who’ll cut you some slack?
No fighter cover you’re flying over heavy flak,

Still looking back you’re a creature of habit
Got news for you, you’re no White Rabbit
But you’ll go down that endless hole
All the time losing your soul,

You can’t make a deal beyond Pandora’s door
You can’t negotiate for your angel whore
It’s the horrid illusion that you adore
Each time you play the game will hurt more!

whore 4

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

December 1, 2019


In the 1950’s an amazingly creative yet disturbing Hollywood science fiction movie emerged that not only left movie theater audiences spellbound but perplexed over the proposed content. The proposition that an extraterrestrial organism from space could genetically duplicate it’s human host but with one caveat. That the duplicate would become devoid of emotion, of love, or empathy. Being immune to emotional entanglements reduced people to the equivalent of biological robots, godless and lacking sentimentality. Thus, making human existence more streamlined and practical because now men would not be faced with the prospect of making love to a wife they no longer felt passion or love for. That people would not have to be emotionally affected by the suffering of others. All these roadblocks to calm and tranquil existence could be achieved without inconvenience.

Only in appearance

Let me ask you if indeed the Democrats and the left have not already arrived at this solution. Even though Democrats and leftists appear to be human they’ve advocated everything that is inhuman. Aborting babies like there’s no tomorrow, allowing murderers and drug dealers out on the streets as prison reform, allowing Americans and all other citizens of other countries to be victimized by refugees and illegal aliens because the government neglects its very own responsibility of protecting it citizens under the aegis of humanitarian values while the nation is being invaded by terrorists, criminals, human traffickers, drug cartel gangs, and those who have no respect for a sovereign nation’s legal status!

Dissolving norms

Feminists want women to value their individual separatism from the opposite sex without forming a family or a supportive role in child rearing. Feminism creates division between men and women for political purpose reducing a relationship into no more than a noncommittal interaction based upon sexual gratification without emotional attachment or a future family. Rationalizing that a relationship cannot develop because sex is rape, and is a confining prospect. Thus, sex can be reduced to nothing more than a transaction between consenting adults without the hindrance of emotional ties! The traditional role of husband and wife is being obliterated under the adverse ideology.

Warping the child’s mind

The Democrats, who have been compromised by hard line left socialism would allow children to become sex objects, being taught how to use condoms and sexual toys in elementary school, allowed to get an abortion without informing their parents, and even being subjected to gender reassignment surgery and hormonal treatment before reaching a legal age of consent. Democrat leadership in the state of California makes it a crime for a transgendered impostor addressed by their biological sex rather than who or what they think they want to be.

When the lie becomes truth

Using the rationale of relativism and autonomy the left refuses to acknowledge absolute truth even when they are caught blatantly lying they refuse to accept the legal consequences of prosecution. Is this not the alien behavior of those who appear to be human yet they lack truth, morality, or decency just as though their are nothing more than replicants who resemble humans? In Hollywood, the very unholy alliance between the state and the entertainment empire of the world. There are actors such as Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey who allege that Satanic rituals involving the blood sacrifice of babies. Tormenting the child until the pain is at maximum levels to allow the greatest amount of adrenaline present in the blood that is consumed by these godless psychopaths only resembling human beings!

Curtain of deceit

It is a strange sort of reality we now face in the world today. All of the once convenient illusions we have clung to out of disinformation and propaganda are crumbling before our eyes as we see the enemy for who they really are. The enemy is not at the gates, but is among us. Indoctrinated, lobotomized, mesmerized, too inhuman to see their own frailty, their self deluded arrogance. The very reason we have division in America and the world is that people cannot comprehend beyond the facade they have been fed by the media, the state, and foreign infiltration of adverse ideologies such as radical Islam. The delusion is so widespread that people are willing to blow themselves up along with others in worship of their false gods empathy or consideration for others, just like “Body Snatchers”.

Promoting division

One might recall even at the beginning of the movie how wives and husbands report to the local doctor that their spouse is no longer acting like themselves or are not at all the person they’ve known for years! Such is the case today with divorces occurring over political differences and whole families being divided over the left and right paradigm. The illusion created by the left has even created the alienation of family members as though people seem to be acting in ways that are a complete change of character or behavior due to the battle lines drawn by the Democrats in their disinformation campaign against sanity. To be an advocate of the left of today’s Democrats is a transformation from reason and sound judgment to the unrecognizable conduct of Body Snatchers with an inhuman agenda.